TOUR CLOSED - Advanced Acousticwerkes US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - W900, W500, plus two surprises >>> Starting March 2017

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  1. linux4ever
    I was out of town and the kit was received last Friday. Everything is in order. I came back Monday night and haven't had a chance to to listen to it yet. I've notified @SilverEars, the next person in line. I'll ship them out this Friday once I hear back and get the address.

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  2. Barra
    Null Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting December 2017

    Yes, another tour. I am still toying with cables and my CIEMs. If anyone else is interested, these guys have very nice prices for the quality that they are putting out and right now are the only ones I know of that are doing CRYO. We have a full range of their cables in this tour, check it out.

  3. ljnew
  4. Barra
  5. SilverEars
    Barra, we all appreciate your efforts in organizing all these tours, and maintaining them.
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  6. linux4ever
    I recently demoed AAW on this tour and shipped them out to @SilverEars last Friday. He should be getting it today (Monday). I've the A3H Pro V2 Hybrid 3-Way CIEM so was interested in hearing on how W500 and W900 performs. One can't go wrong with either of the models. But W900 is definitely the TOTL, the resolution and clarity of W900 is noticeably better than W500. But both have the same sound signature with W900 the more refined (obviously) of the two.

    Both are airy and have very good extensions in the low and high. The vocals are crystal clear in W900 and is positioned excellently. Neither forward nor back. The width is excellent and W900 has more than average depth. It is airy and brings out excellent details. But in comparison to my CustomArt Harmony 8.2 (customs), I found the 8.2 having more details and still being fun, musical. 8.2 never does sound analytical or dry.

    The bass on W900 (& W500) was very good. But at times on certain songs I found it to be aggressive and not precise. 8.2 was way too good on such tracks. W900 seems to require more power where as 8.2 can be run from any source.

    8.2 lost out on depth to W900. only by little. But it was noticeable. 8.2 sounds dark and not much air even though separation is very good. But W900 is airy and layering is also level above 8.2. Clarity and resolution is a tad better with W900 compared to 8.2. But 8.2 wins out in price while going par with almost all the features except in some areas.

    I also compared W900 with Heir 10.0 (Universal). In many areas I found both to be similar. With Heir 10.0 being a tad more better in clarity and resolution. And it did well in the bass/sun-bass department. It is airy, and extends well in lows and highs with sparkle at the top. No fatigue. But priced half of W900. And the size is smaller compared to W900 and more compact & light-weight. Plus a beautiful wood faceplate.

    Rhapsodio Solar sounds slightly U shaped to me. But competes feature by feature with W900. The bass on the Solar is very high quality and with very goos extension. The same goes for the highs. It might not feel as airy as W900 but is still quite good. The mids are much more to my liking in W900 when compared to solar. But Solar ain't bad in that area. Only it seems slightly pushed back when compared to W900. Solar is big and not compact. W900 wins over Solar on depth too.

    Those are the three TOTL monitors I have presently to compare it with.

    From memory, I would say 64Audio U18 would be ranked above W900. U18 is effortless and never sounds dry or analytical with good highs that extend very very well. 64audio U12 (I've owned it in the recent past and have listened to it quite extensively) sounds congested in the mids and is not as airy as W900. The bass/sub-bass was a killer in U12. W900 wins the mids and highs.

    Edit: corrected a typo
  7. SilverEars
    I received the tour kit from linux4ever today.

    I've gotten the 4 iems. W900, W500, A3H Pro v2, and the M40. I'm confused why A2H Pro V2 is on the front page. There should only be 4 iems, correct?

    I will be shipping to @Vodkamelon within 7 days.
  8. SilverEars
    Initial impressions, and may change, but this is my thoughts so far.

    W900 sounds like iem verson of my HE1000. I guess it's due to the dynamic driver bass, which reacts like subs. You can hear the sub-bass separated or layered at times, and not all that forward in terms of bass. Compared to my Andromeda, not really all that forward. Also the speed of the sub bass being slower than Andromeda is felt. Due to it's sub bass, bass can feel very soft than punchy. Sometimes it sounds like subs to mid bass are a bit separated that transition isn't quite as linear as I've heard(probably due to separe dynamic drivers).

    Some tracks W900 sounds clear than Andromeda due to I believe due to mids not being on the level of Andromeda, causing clarity to the lower treble, and certain sounds in the lower treble to come out better articulated(or details as you will call it), but also something about Andromeda sounds right in it's transient response to tighten the sound more.

    So, the spearation of bass to rest of the frequencies are there that there is no bleeding of any sorts.

    It's airy sounding and clear. The mids are more refined on the W900 over the 500. W900 has pretty laidback mids like it or not. I think mids articulation could be better. Perhaps it's not mid lifted as much as others, but mids articulation is an area I particularly pay attention to.

    W900 is not dark, or really bright either. Treble level is just about right IMO. Vocals come off on the smooth end. I think this is the iem for those looking for smooth and perhaps Westone likers. I would guess Andromeda treble and bass will come off forward for most in comparison.

    It comes off airey, and large sound stage, but not the largest I've heard(Andromeda's is quite large). Opus #2 really widens the soundstage.

    Perhaps more to come.
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  9. SilverEars
    Looking at the impressions, I agree that the bass has a bit of a presense and one of the most bass extending iem(I'm sure the reason for going dynamic in the mix). It's the kind of bass I like so HE1000 is the headphone I'm just in awe in bass and depth, soundstage(super huge), although it is no HE1000(there is no way an iem can reach that level). Bass is quite feel good type that can come off a bit unnatural, but I haven't heard highly natural bass from iems. SE5U has the best bass I've heard.

    Cable is like fisher price toy in comparison to an ALO cable in terms of material and build. I'd expect more at the pricepoint.

    If this is considered warm, I'm realizing more an more that warmth provides what I like, as long as bass is done well, and extends well without bleeding and not reducing clarity for mids and treble.

    I'm using the foam tips and works the best. Not sure if olives can sound up to the foam level as I'm trying to see if I can get the sound to come more forward in terms of treble and midbass, but the olives have really bad fit for me unfortunately.

    I can't be sure if my Symbio Manderines are really better.
  10. SilverEars
  11. Barra
    Yes, only 4 in the kit like my photos. Sorry for the confusion, the 3 in the collage were new and the only graphic I was provided, but I probably should have cropped. That is quite the eye for detail. :smiley:
  12. Barra
    Note: As a reminder, there are four in one kit, and the W900 was retired out of the other due to technical issues for a total of three in the other.
  13. Barra
    Posting / Shipping Requirement Reminder
    As another reminder, please note that each participant has these responsibilities which they must adhere to or risk being banned from future tours:
    1. Post Receipt Immediately: Each participant must post receipt immediately including:
      • Date received and from whom
      • Condition of kit
    2. Contact Next 3 Participants Immediately: The tour list is in the 2nd post and is being updated. This sets on time shipping in motion and keeps the next participants aware their turn is coming.
    3. Collect Full Shipping Info: it is each participants responsibility to ship out correctly and to someone that they can contact if necessary.
      • No PO boxes: Real trackable addresses only.
      • Collect Phone/Email: Please have a way to contact the individual in case of issues.
      • Signature Required: We need to send signature required for absolute tracking or it must be insured which is much more expensive.
      • Provide Tracking: Tracking must be provided to next participant so they can follow the shipping process to be prepared to sign.
    4. Ontime Ship on Day 8: It is your responsibility to follow these rules and to ship on time. Any variance must be approved in advance and documented by posting in the thread so participants can follow.
    5. Post Shipping Immediately: Each participant must post shipping immediately including:
      • Date shipped and to who
      • Any deviance from perfect condition
      • Expected delivery date
    It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the progress of each kit due to incomplete shipping posts. It would be greatly appreciated if we can increase our efforts to follow the above rules. The red above are areas we are having the most difficulty.
  14. Vodkamelon
    I received the tour kit from @SilverEars today

    4 iems are in good condition only few ear tips are missing but it is totally fine for me. I am using my own ear tips from Noble
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  15. Barra
    Cool, can you do me a favor and mark on the side of the shipping box "Kit 1" for reference with a permanent marker? This will help in tracking the two kits.
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