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TOTL Headphones Comparison

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matthewhypolite, Jul 22, 2017.
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  1. Gibson59
    HEKse is sorely missing representation on this thread. TOTL list isn’t complete without it. I would argue it resides in the top 3.
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  2. matthewhypolite
    I'd be interested to hear how you think the matrix would be with susvara out of a speaker amp. Also, i have a home theater with an Emotiva XPA-Gen3 3 channel. What would i need to hook the Susvara up to that? or what amps folks usually use?

    Sorry mate, i'm not sponsored, and no-one sends me any products to review. The stuff i review is what i personally research, want to hear, and buy myself, in my journey for finding what sounds the best. In the terms of the HEKse, i had the HEKv1 and i went to V2, then i went straight to the susvara. So skipped the SE all together :)
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  3. Gibson59
    I hear ya. We’ll keep up the good work and maybe you’ll get some gear sent your way for review!
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  4. llamaluv
    The speaker amps I have or have owned paired with the Susvara in order of preference are: Pass Labs X150.8, Bryston 2.5B SST2, and First Watt J2. Even the J2, which is relatively low power and probably not much more so than the GS-X mk2, I found to be superior to the latter in terms of both technicalities and musicality, FWIW.

    Comparing the above speaker amps in aggregate relative to the WA33 (regular edition) -- and ignoring how the adjustments would square relative to the other headphones in the list, I would honestly give between a half-point to a full extra point to all the SQ-related items in your review grid: treble, mids, bass, instrument separation, clarity/resolution, detail retrieval, soundstage, and dynamic range. And would do the same relative to the GS-X mk2.

    Based on a quick browse of the product page at least, I think the Emotiva amp would give you a pretty representative impression of the Susvara speaker amp experience. The two things required for setup are:

    (1) A way to control the volume (since it's a power amp and not an integrated amp). Which means either a preamp between the DAC and the power amp, or a DAC-based volume control.

    (2) An adapter cable with 4 banana plugs or spades on one end, and a 4-pin female XLR connector on the other (like this, for example).
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  5. matthewhypolite
    Currently I have an anthem avm 60 processor feeding the power amp, so I can use that to control volume. So I'll jsut need the cables for testing.
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  6. Dan Lee
    @protoss while I think the SR1A most likely sounds pretty good I tend to agree with you about the hype. I absolutely love that they are testing out new technologies in the headphone world, but the idea of spending a good deal of money on the first iteration of it seems like something I am not quite willing to do. That being said I am glad that there are a lot of others that are so they can help fund future versions and perfect them down the road.
  7. protoss
    Totally agree. I also love the whole idea of the Sr1a. The modular aspect. The removable and replaceable user friendly drivers. The AKG1000 sound and even the design is cool looking.

    I even recommended to the engineer of a million dollar idea and he somewhat brush it to a side. Which was, make the base model the Sr1a, and change the characteristic of the driver cartridge to different sounds. Let the consumer pick which driver he or she like to have. Euphoric? Articulate etch... Make it so that you just need to buy the base model (headphone) and down the line all you need to do is only buy enhance/advance driver cartridge!! Owell, it seemed he had a lame excuse and brush it to aside..

    Now the shillers and promoters on the main page took it to a level which is absurd. Better than this and better than that. And when you hear it, its like soulless and thin and bright. What the heck. So yea theres that.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  8. Dan Lee
    Holy crap that really is a fantastic idea. My god that would be awesome and completely revolutionary in this industry. How amazing that would be to be able to buy one crazy good headphone that could have cartridges that essentially made the need for more headphones obsolete. Not that I wouldnt have more... I mean lets not get outta hand here. Still that is an idea someone needs to pioneer.
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  9. Lord Rexter
    Agreed 110%, @protoss what a brilliant idea indeed that would revolutionize the headphone like @Dan Lee quoted. I'm all for it, wish someone implements it and we all enjoy the fruits of it. :ksc75smile:
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  10. Relaxasaurus
    This thread makes me want to start saving up for a an Abyss + Formula S, instead of the Z1R I had my eyes on. I guess by the time I'm ready to buy I'll be able to snag a used TC at a nice discount :D
  11. Hifiearspeakers
    5AAFC3B0-DC49-4885-8C83-51B53E7E339F.jpeg 8A470AE4-4D91-416A-BFB3-DDAB9A615CC5.jpeg 60372EFA-73E9-4A3E-BAD2-637BF517BC42.jpeg Just arrived. First impression, these sound like a TOTL headphone to me. Here’s some amateur pics. I’m no photo expert, sorry.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
  12. Focux
    Is it the angle or the stand is kinda short..??
  13. Hifiearspeakers
    It’s a little short. I need a better headphone stand.
  14. protoss
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  15. Dan Lee
    Hello my friends quick question for my fellow TOTL folks. I recently invested in the KGSSHV Carbon electrostatic amp and am suddenly well aware of the pitfalls of my iDSD Pro. I am looking for opinions and thoughts on a great upgrade DAC preferrably under $3K. I am currently leaning toward the Holo Audio Kitsune Tuned Spring Level 3 DAC. Ive heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

    Anyone heard this one first hand or have any other options or thoughts on the matter?

    Thanks Guys
    Dan Lee
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