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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. cladane
    Hello TotalDAC fans,
    Since audiophiles are always splitting hairs, isn't it? I have asked Vincent if Arnaud got it and he answered that it was nearly true but that he made more upgrades comparing to the D1-dual, like the D1-six in fact.
  2. arnaud Contributor
    I am not sure I'd call such a topology change splitting hair but thank you for clarifying with Vincent!
  3. cladane

    I was meaning that audiophiles do like to understand the insights and that's cool.
    Your are welcome.
  4. cat6man
    do you have a link?
    i didn't see the d1-four on the totaldac website.
  5. cladane
    True, there is no link to this D1-Four.
    Please ask Vincent about it.

  6. arnaud Contributor
    Hi current owners & / or prospectuve owners.

    I am downgrading my source as I want to use the money for non-audio gear. I have always been uneasy spending so much money on the source and doing so has forced me to severely cut other leisure budgets or even audio gear budget.

    I am thus selling my D1-six (latest version with improved output stage, bought new in jan. 2016 from TotalDAC including DSD option and silver front panel).

    Only limitation is that it's 100V version so, for those in Europe at least, I am inquiring with Vincent about cost of change for the voltage (needs transformer swap or supply swap).

    I will create a thread in FS forum with photos but wanted to drop a note here for those considering to purchase a unit or upgrade.

  7. yates7592
    Anybody ever heard or owned a Totaldac with the Bass Boost option?
  8. astrostar59
    You asked 'Arnaud'?
  9. yates7592
    Yeah I'm pretty sure he didn't have that option on his d1-six.
  10. totaldac
    You will be all welcome in Munich shows!
    Totaldac will be at the HIFIDELUXE hifi show the 18th, 19th and 20th of May 2017 in Munich, Marriott hotel, Berliner Strasse, salon A (a 123sqm room).
    Vincent Brient will be personally there, demoing a speaker system:
    -Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE digital source
    -Absolare Integrated amplifier, highest end version
    -Totaldac, Echole and Bibacord cables
    -Totaldac d150 speakers + subwoofers

    A d1-integral-headphone with bass boost option will also be used to drive a Meze 99 Classics headphone and a Focal Utopia headphone.
    A totaldac source will also be in the High End show the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of May 2017 in Munich in these 3 rooms:
    -room E214 with Absolare amplifiers and Echole cables, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE
    -room F219 with Engstrom&Engstrom amplifiers and Bibacord cables, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE
    -room F231e with VinylSavor amplifiers from Thomas Mayer, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-core

  11. cat6man
    I am in Paris and will be visiting Vincent/TotalDAC on Monday.
    He will be upgrading my d1-dual to a d1-six (plus adding the DSD capability).
    I hope to get a listen to the d1-twelve and his horn speakers.

    Anyone have questions you'd like me to pose to him?
  12. cladane

    Since Aug and your visit to Vincent, @cat6man, what happened and what were your listening impressions (Twelve and Horns) ?
  13. astrostar59
    I would be interested in this as well. I am moving DACs again.
  14. totaldac
    Hi all,
    For those who are coming the High-End show in Munich in May this year, a d1-twelve DAC + 85W Absolare 845 triode amplifier + Totaldac d150 speakers will be used in the new Totaldac room.
    At the end of each day the speaker will be disconnected and headphones will be connected instead, up to 8 headphones will be connected to these big triode monoblocs. So come and listen to this, and bring your best headphone!
    Jack 6.35mm will be used.
    The 45sqm close room should be quite silent to have a good listening.

    Up to date details are here: http://www.totaldac.com/listening.htm

    the room:

    The DAC:

    The box to convert the speaker cables to jacks:

    The amplifier:
  15. cladane
    Hello @totaldac,

    Main problem with headphones connected to speakers amps is that with sensible headphones, like the Utopia or Odin, hum is noticeable and does this impedancer cancel it really ?
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