TOPPING PA7 & PA7 Plus: High-Performance Compact Power Amplifiers Now Available (Pair with TOPPING E70 / E70 Velvet DACs)
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Jun 8, 2021
Santa Clara, CA
Hi all,

TOPPING just released the pairing to their best-selling E70 / E70 Velvet DACs. Discover the TOPPING PA7 and PA7 Plus power amplifiers, designed for those who seek high-quality audio performance without sacrificing space. These compact amplifiers boast advanced features such as fully balanced inputs, insane output power, and versatile input options. Compatible with the E70 and E70 Velvet, these amplifiers can be the cornerstone of your audio system.

Here's the link to the blog for more information:
TOPPING PA7 & PA7 Plus.jpg
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