TOPPING E70 VELVET Desktop DAC Now on Apos
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Jun 8, 2021
Santa Clara, CA
Hi all,

AKM is back and we are excited to share with the community that TOPPING has just released the TOPPING E70 VELVET DAC. This $449 desktop digital-to-analog converter boasts the new AKM AK4499EX DAC chip, a 24-bit Bluetooth chip, and 32-bit/768kHz PCM decoding. All of TOPPING's most-loved quality-of-life features are here, too: a 12V interface, a selectable RCA/XLR output port, and a preamp mode.

Here’s the link to the blog for more information:


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I think of this as possibly a contender for my new DAC. But I don't think of Bluetooth as great sound. "In plain English, this means that the Bluetooth should sound downright gorgeous" confuses me. For now, I'll postpone judgement until someone listens to it and writes a review. If another DAC (say it is based on R2R) sounds better, I would rather pay more and get "gorgeous" sound without any Bluetooth at all. I don't see any MQA hype (good for me). It looks like a monochrome screen (also good). I'm hoping for something special!

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