Topping D50S
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Jun 29, 2004
Very popular Topping D50 has got an upgrade. Topping D50S.


It has LDAC Bluetooth connectivity, a remote, better SINAD and got rid of ESS IMD Hump.



It had a Drop run recently.

I am waiting for one to be paired with excellent JDS Labs Atom.

Post your impressions here.
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Received my D50S. Its LDAC Bluetooth performance with Tidal is impressive!
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Powered and connected through iFi iUSB 3.0. USB audio is very transparent, clear and balanced! Very impressive micro-detail retrieval.
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I compared the IFI stack vs TPD50S + Atom. Used two foobar instances with volume matched setup. Hot swapped the same song and its possible with IFI IUSB 3.0 two outputs. IFI setup is more warm and Treble energy is less with slightly less resolution. Topping/Atom stack is more defined and refined. Slightly more energy in trebles and upper mids. But has more micro-details and resolution across whole tonal range. than IFI setup. I hate to say that my brain says IFI stack is more musical than TP/AT stack. But I need more listening to be sure.
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I like the TP/AT stack very much. I guess IFI stack has tubey distortion and my ears read it as musical. Topping D50S is very detailed and transparent. I like them for Jazz and Ambient/chill music. It handles very complex passages very well. I would add IFI Itube 2 to the chain and see how it changes the sound.
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After my first one was DOA my second arrived yesterday. I went from a fiio 10k to the d50s and a JDS Atom to power my Andromeda Golds and they just keep getting better. Has me wanting to look into a nicer pair of cans now.
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After a day of usage I realized that for some reason it's preventing my PC from going into sleep properly. It will go into sleep and then instantly wake itself back up and then the PC will stay on indefinitely. Doesn't even have a screen saver come up. Have contacted the manufacturer for a response.

Companies reply was that disabling Auto in the menu stops it from auto turning on when any kind of power is received. Back to normal operations. Have to manually turn it off and on now is all.
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I guess measurement-wise it has better SINAD and Topping has corrected ESS IMD hump. I don't know whether these trans late into real world audible difference. I have not compared the two DACs. ASR members seem to be excited about D50S.
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Is the D50s better than the D50 if you aren't planning to use bluetooth?

According to this review, its is much better than the d50 and the improvement is very much audible so much so that it bested the Khadas Tone Board, Ifi Zen, Modi 3 -- which previously was better than the original d50.

And yes I bought it and compared to the Modi Multibit, it holds its own with more detail. The mimby has a more holographic soundstage and realistic timbre, the d50s has more microdetail.

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