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Topping D30 DSD DAC XMOS/CS4398

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by drteming, Sep 28, 2016.
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  1. simon740
  2. bixby
    Don't waste your time with a usb bridge, buy a better usb dac, hint .... hint JDS EL dac. Sent my topping back and it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

    FYI I reviewed 5 or more bridges on my blog an I own none of them. A well implemented usb setup is better, but many old school guys will say not.
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  3. simon740
    I need this D30 only for small (second) HIFI system. So I dont need a better DAC. In the past I had Aune S16, Naim DAC V1, Rega DAC-R, Hugo TT and Hugo2. And I know that the stransport is very important.

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  4. RTI_MD
    I'm rather new to this, so pardon me if the question has been asked. I'm looking at getting a DAC+AMP combo (Or maybe a single unit).
    So far I liked the looks of these D30 and the A30, but there are several other offering with the similar price tag, like the Sabre ES9018K2M based yulong daart canary or the aune XS1 anniversary (massdrop recently had it for $199). I'm planning on getting a pair of high ohm headphones DT880 600Ohm or the HD650. There are also some offerings on aliexpress based on the ES9018K2M chip (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bre...0.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.278.hLoZSW), but I'm not sure how reliable and how much power does that amp put, no specs regarding that - just 32-600ohms declared.
    I've previously had experience with a Chord Mojo DAC, borrowed from a friend, i'm familiar with good sounding devices, but it's out of my budget at the moment.
    Help me choose something :)
  5. Reinhold
    i am an owner of this topping combo (d30/a30) and i am very satisfied to use it with my beyerdynamics 880 600 ohm. it has enough power to drive this phones very loud without clipping.
    the buildquality is excellent for this pricepoint. recommend it. the daart canary was also on my list, but i couldn´t find any measurements. so i bought the topping "stack".

    www.audiosciencereview.com has done some testings and the dac output is very clean. one of the best for this pricepoint.

    the canary costs about the same. when u are from europe, check this site out: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-...bit-headphone-out-class-a-silver-p-11579.html
    maybe i will buy this one when its back in stock in black colour.
  6. RTI_MD
    Thank you very much for your answer and the link.
    I'm actually from Europe, so this offer is very interesting.

    It's a tough choice now :) I really like the looks of the Topping stacks, but also daart canary has good reviews too.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  7. M3Man

    My D30 arrived this week and sounds great. However, the board inside is loose. When I flip the switched or plug in to the RCA jacks, I can feel the entire thing moving. Can anyone who's opened theirs up tell me how it is supposed to be attached inside? Does it use screws or hot glue? I don't want to open it, since that voids the warranty. But after reading the horror story of trying to ship it back to cybereveryday, I'm going to offer to open it up and secure it, if they will agree to honor the warranty.
  8. Reinhold
    no problems with warranty with mine, because no stickers found. the board is just pushed into the case and fixed with some hotglue. thats it.
    you only have to remove the 4 screws at the front and then the frontpanel can be removed easyly.
  9. M3Man
    Thanks for the quick reply. Should

    I remove the back panel as well and glue there as well?
  10. vinknight
    Looking to get the d30 soon. Anyone tried playing games with it? Does it have any noticeable delay?
  11. Reinhold
    no delay noticeable. i´ve connected my gaming PC (USB) and a PS4 (octical).

    i dont know but it´s very easy to disassemble the unit.
  12. vinknight
  13. sekim
    I tried the D30 going from a samsung 8000 TV to my studio monitor setup and hated it. The problem is not the DAC per se, its the fact that the D30 is bright and it brings out all of the compression artifacts in streaming and broadcast. I'm actually using a J-Tech "premium" $22 DAC (Amazon) since it is a reasonably smooth sounding DAC with muddy highs and the highs (or lack thereof) filter out the bulk of the compression artifacts for a smoother "mostly hi-fi" sound. Gotta face the facts that there is no such thing as critical listening to a stream full of compression artifacts and just get it best you can. LOL, in this case cheap wins because it actually sounds better.

    So NETFLIX yes for the D30, but I don't think it downmixes 5.1, but not positive on that. I just set my TV to PCM and it worked fine with 5.1 or 7.1 sources.
  14. sekim
    I successfully voided my warranty today (lol) on my 3 day old D30 and after socketing it, immediately put in a LME49720 and still found the D30 a bit strident sounding for my tastes. Tried a few of the other 'usual suspects' and still not much change, splitting hairs at best. Then I remembered I used to use LM833s a lot in music gear retrofits and everyone liked how those pieces sounded so I figured I'd pop one in the D30. Last I looked (lol a decade ago) it had a reputation of being on the warm sounding side with slightly muted highs. Instant fix for my ears...and it didn't change the RMAA test results any to speak of. Worth a listen if you're messing with opamps in the D30 and find the stock sound a bit on the strident side. jmo, ymmv, etc...

    update: Ended up with OPA2227 in it...similar mids as LM833 (which is what I like about it) but better highs.

    update 2: Like the D30 a lot for TV -> DAC -> studio monitor system after changing opamp to OPA2227 since this change makes the mids more prominent and smooths the highs a bit while making them a littler clearer. As usual jmo, ymmv, etc.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  15. Andrew78
    Thx for the input.
    I'm unable to find this J-Tech DAC at local Amazon (Europe).
    I will try to find something similar at Aliexpress.
    I keep looking on SMSL M3 DAC also.
    Looks quite interesting as it has micro USB ports to hook up power bank and cell phone at the same time.
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