Today went from beats by dre Tour to Shure SE 315
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Feb 10, 2009
Will provide more info when I'm not just on my phone. I know the Shure's are nor stellar compared to the high offerings, but compared to the beats they sound flipping amazing. The beats tour do make the "Top 40" sound pretty nice I'll admit and honestly I didn't mind the sound with the right tips. The only other Shure I have heard were my old e2c's, and that was a while ago, but I believe these destroy the e2c's in bass and treble extension. These are not bass shy phones.

Things I can say I love right away:
Vocals both male and female
Fit - can lay on the side without any discomfort

I wish the cord was about a foot shorter. I am short... And I don't need the memory wire in the cord.

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