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Tiny, ultra-slim IEMs (e.g. Vsonic VC1000, Ety ER4)

  1. rymd

    Does anyone have recommendations for physically small, thin IEMs? The VC1000 is the most comfortable IEM I've ever used, but mine are starting to fall apart.

    Besides the VC1000 (now discontinued), I can think of the Ety ER4 and Klipsch X5, but don't know what else is out there.
  2. nwyvre
    Future sonics g10 are small with big sound :)
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  3. cocolinho
    Rose Mini4
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  4. rymd
    Thanks, those are larger than what I'm looking for though.

    Those Rose Mini4 looks great, and I love that it has a detachable cable. Thank you.
  5. dairy
    Maybe the Final Audio E or F series?
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  6. HiFlight
    q-Jays are very tiny, have a superb build and sound great.
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  7. davidcotton
    Campfire Audio Comet or Atlas (though they may be slightly on the large side of small (if that makes sense?)
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  8. rymd
    Thanks, the Final Audio E/F series look great, and they have detachable cables as well! I didn't know Final Audio started making more budget friendly IEMs. Thanks.

    I forgot about the q-Jays, thanks. They'll definitely be on my shortlist.

    Yup, that makes sense. They look a tad bit bulkier than I'd prefer, but still much better than the other Campfire IEMs. Thanks.

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