THX Monolith vs Modius + Jotunheim for Sennheiser HD 650
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I am planning to buy a Sennheiser HD 650 soon while keeping my HD 598 as well. As my present headphone amp (Little Dot 1+) is not generally considered as sufficient to drive HD 650, I am considering to buy a new DAC and AMP along with the headphone. At the moment I am considering Schiit Modius + Jotunheim stack or Monoprice THX Monolith DAC/AMP. I would like to connect the headphone to the amp via a balanced cable. I am mostly listening to classical music but I also listen to new age music like Yanni and Enya as well. And, a wide sound stage is also something I really enjoy. So what will be the best choice for me?

(I was using Schiit Modi as my DAC but unfortunately, a lightning strike destroyed the left channel of it and now I have hooked the amp to my Asus Xonar U7, which I found much less musical compared to the Modi)

Thank you.
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Before you commit to anything, why not give a listen with your current setup? I've found the HD6xx very easy to drive with basic amps or even straight from the DAP, especially balanced.

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