1. Schiit Jotunheim 2

    Schiit Jotunheim 2

    Continuity circuitry. Slot for AK or multibit DAC module or moving-magnet phono input. Balanced and SE preamp outputs.
  2. A

    I want some Schiit?

    I'm building a desktop system to go with my computer. Music and gaming. Anyways, I was looking at the Schiit stuff and was thinking of starting there but was unsure about their DAC options and if I would be better off with a Jotunheim or if the Magnius/Modius would work fine. If I went...
  3. Cmahesh

    THX Monolith vs Modius + Jotunheim for Sennheiser HD 650

    I am planning to buy a Sennheiser HD 650 soon while keeping my HD 598 as well. As my present headphone amp (Little Dot 1+) is not generally considered as sufficient to drive HD 650, I am considering to buy a new DAC and AMP along with the headphone. At the moment I am considering Schiit Modius +...
  4. C

    Opinions: Jotunheim+Modi3 vs DX7Pro ?

    Hello HeadFi-ers, first time poster. I created this account to ask what’s your opinion for upgrading from a Fiio Q1Mk2. Jotunheim + Modi3, or Topping DX7Pro? Read a lot of reviews, watched a lot of youtube, but I’m none the wiser; people rave about both, people hate on both, nobody compared...
  5. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    [FS] Selling headphones and (probably) an amp

    I will be selling some audio stuff once I can post on corresponding forums. Message me if you want it now. Prices TBD, shipping negotiable depending on mood after the first mid-term. Trade welcome, but prefer US$. For now, here's a teaser: Monolith M560, no mods, I'll leave in something from...
  6. Gmag21

    Amp/DAC for office

    Hi all, I recently purchased a pair of Sony Z1R headphones and I’m planning to use them exclusively on my desktop PC at work (streaming hifi music from tidal). I’m thinking about pairing my new headphones with a DAC/amp device but not sure what’s best or recommended for my use case. I don’t...
  7. projection903

    Recommendations for Gaming headphone and DAC/AMP for HD 6XX

    Looking for a new pair of gaming headphones (maybe for music as well) and a DAC/AMP for the HD 6XX and the new headphones for gaming. I want headphones that are good for FPS games (such as BFV, counterstrike, etc). After some research, the HD660S and Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro are the top...
  8. J

    Headphone amplifier and DAC with phono stage/preamp for HD700s

    Hi all, Having browsed a few hifi stores and searched on the forums I have still not found the ultimate piece of kit for my situation. Budget - Sub £600. Genre - Alt, indie and classic rock. Location: UK. I have some Sennheiser HD700's which I listen to on my iMac with a 3.5--> 6.35mm adaptor...
  9. A

    Some questions about Schiit Jotunheim/other products

    Hello everyone, I was considering buying a Schiit Jotunheim with the multibit module and wanted some delucidations: 1- Do you think the 100€ is worth the upgrade from the balanced DAC(100€) to the multibit DAC(200€) module for the Jot? 2- As I understand it the Jot is ok for me since I own...
  10. me2621a

    MrSpeaker Ether Flow or VOCE

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted but I am getting ready for a headphone/equipment upgrade and I wanted to get some thoughts about the two options I am considering and see if you guys can help guide my decision making process. What I currently have: Emotiva XDA-2 -> Little...
  11. Relic123

    Schiit valhalla 1/modi multibit vs Jotunheim

    I ordered the HD800S, should be here after new year. Now I'm wondering if I should sell my Valhalla 1/modi multibit stack and go buy a jotunheim instead. Jotunheim also got the XLR port, which is something good right? Thoughts on this? Some says the jotunheim is excellent, others says it makes...
  12. Climber

    Replacement for a Burson Conductor?

    I'm thinking about replacing my Conductor (about 5 years old with ES9018), mostly because it is overkill for how I use it. I never use it as a preamp I often don't use it as a DAC (sometimes feeding it Bimby or Mojo instead of using the internal) It's really damn big I do however really like...
  13. DAhn626

    Will I destroy my CIEMs?

    Hi everyone, Just ordered the Sennheiser 6XX and am looking to get a DAC/Amp setup for them. Right now I'm between getting the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball and Modi 2 Uber or the Jotunheim dac/amp combo. However, I also have a pair of CustomArt's ei.3 CIEMs that are rated for 48ohm @ 1khz...