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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Yoga

    This is why I'm now testing the SoTM sMS-100, powered by a regulated linear PSU.
    Early indications are no different, but I need an extended critical listening session to verify.
  2. estreeter
    The guys over at Computer Audiophile seem to have tried every solution under the sun and the only consensus I've seen is that ethernet trumps USB but my own experiments with DLNA were dismal failures - the control point software continually lost the plot and I gave up. Companies like Linn and Naim have reportedly sorted those issues but the price of their solutions is eye-watering. 
  3. SoupRKnowva
    If only windows were so well behaved, it uses the page file all the time even when it you have loads of ram sitting empty....piece of garbage OS
  4. Yoga

    The SMS100 worked flawlessly - both Airplay (Tidal) and JRiver (MDP / DLNA) within minutes of install. Very impressive in terms of ease of use.
    The only thing I couldn't get working with it was HQPlayer, although I spent no time attempting to fix that since it doesn't support m4a, which a lot of my older redbook stuff is encoded with.
  5. Yoga

    Indeed. Why anyone would use Windows for a music server is beyond me. It's quite literally the worst choice.
  6. jsgraha
    For me, I run window server 2012 r2 in server core mode (and disable all unnecessary services). The reason I choose this OS since my player of choice, jplay, run its best at this os. I haven't try other os, but someone whom I know had tried other setup, including mac mini 2009 setup, and prefer this same setup as mine. I might try other os and system, if I had a spare time (which might be unlikely in the next few months). But I do welcome other input. I still would like to improve my setup if I had a chance.

    So far, I'm quite happy with this setup. A few days back, I tried a fresh install of foobar portable 1.3.8 (and disable & delete all its unnecessary components & themes) and still found my preference lie on current setup. It offer the music flow analog and liquid alike, while maintain its black background, good imaging and great texture. Soundstage is the same.
  7. wahsmoh
    I'm having hard drive errors with my PC I think from clearing out registry errors more than a few times. My PC stalls and the red light on my case turns on and after 30 seconds to a minute my PC resumes function. I just need to reinstall windows for the 2nd time in 6 months. Such a POS and this is windows 7 too not windows 8
  8. estreeter
    Chris Connaker rang - apparently he wants a word with you outside  [​IMG]
    CAPS v4 Software

    All four CAPS servers will run Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit and JRiver Media Center v20. At this point in time Windows 8.1 is the only stable game in town that's compatible with any number of applications and audio components. I'm excited to see what members of the CA Community will do when they install Linux, but for now my four main designs are Windows based. I selected JRiver Media Center v20 because it's very stable, has great support, is widely used in the CA Community, and is capable of great sound quality for all PCM and DSD sample rates as well as multi-channel audio. There are other applications available that I consider a bit more fringe at this moment in time. I'll leave it to the CA Community to use and tweak those applications and share results with everyone. As a formula and platform I believe Windows 8.1 Professional and JRiver Media Center v20 is the best combination.
  9. ciphercomplete

    Its only the worst choice if you dont know everything you need to do to get it running. Just like Linux is the worst choice if you have never used it before and no idea how to install dependant libraries. I have tried most of them (windows 8.1, linux, apple) in my system. The end result sound quality wise was the same.
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  10. ciphercomplete

    I'm no Microsoft appologist by any stretch, as i just had to reinstall Windows 8.1 on my family pc because of a windows update error,but just because Windows is writing to and reading the pagefile does not mean it is using it as a ram susbtitute at that moment.
  11. bfreedma
    I'm amazed that people are spending a minimum of $700 for a Server OS that has no real benefits. 
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  12. ciphercomplete


    I have the same thoughts about speaker cable risers, "quantum tunneled" power cables, super special usb cables etc. But if people think they hear a difference im not one to argue.
  13. jsgraha

    I use the evaluation version which have 180 days. So I need to reinstall every 6 months, which about 10 minutes to do.

    You may try it here

    I found an improvement over windows 7 or 8, but only using it to play music. Nothing else

    The thread can be found on my local forum

  14. bfreedma
    There is no possible reason for Server to improve music playback over the desktop OS.  And you could accomplish the same thing in Win 7 or 8 by disabling services and setting Priority and Processor Affinity for your playback software.
    A modern computer running little more than software to play music isn't working hard enough to have any impact.  That's simple enough to prove via Resource Management reporting.
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  15. estreeter
    Pretty well known that most people use the eval version and reinstall every 6 months - no biggie. 
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