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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. skeptic

    Probably worth pursuing in the feedback and bug report forum: http://www.head-fi.org/f/5620/feedback-bug-reports  
    Adblock might also be worth a go.
  2. mikek200
    Excellent post Austin,
    I will go over the Parasound dacs,that you recommend
    What type of SQ does the Zdac have?=warm,neutral,bright??,I am not a modder,so?..with the exception of my Stax rig,if I have a choose,I'd go with a moderate,slightly warm ..SQ?
    I'm making this purchase ,until,I get my Yiggy dac,so the dacs,I listed above,are to hold me over until the Yiggy gets here,-then the vintage dac goes to my son--I must say,I am very curious ,as to how they sound..???,especially,the Theta's
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Thanks, yes I was lazy posting here. Appreciate the nudge. I disabled animations and that is helping a little so far, lets see if it continues. Sorry for going OT.
  4. mulder01
    Wow that's a bit rude that they charge that much for something that's straight off the shelf
  5. magiccabbage
    The CAD company or Streamcom? 
    They are some of the nicest chasis available (at least that i know of) and are fanless as well.
    They might be a bit steep but I like how they look and wouldn't mind spending the extra few bucks for that 
  6. jsgraha

    Yup, can't agree more. My most improvement on my setup came from dedicated audio pc with dedicated linear power supply, more than improvement from vali to stratus :)
  7. magiccabbage
    Its amazing isnt it, and for around 1K the improvements over a laptop are incredible - unbelievable really 
    ciphercomplete and jsgraha like this.
  8. johnjen
     I have found that after a fresh install is when a great deal of 'extraneous detritus' can be purged, especially from the registry.
    Not to mention reducing the degree of fragmentation on the boot drive.
  9. estreeter
    Head-Fi is about the same for me as its ever been although occasionally the pages dont load properly - no graphics etc. MBP core i7 with 16GB RAM, FWIW. 
  10. jsgraha

    I think if someone would like to build a nice setup, using a nice dac, amp etc, it's best to avoid noisy pc and laptop. Imo, it will be a bottleneck on a whole setup. Maybe just use a nice cdp would be better. But as always, YMMV ...
  11. Currawong Contributor
    This is what I was quoted. Please note that it may NOT be current as this was some months ago.  The DF1700 may be upgraded using the same upgrades as are available for Parasound and other DACs though they haven't tested them as working above 48k, so YMMV.
    (1) DIR9001+DF1700+PCM63P-K*2 +  BUF03+OPA627+AD797
          Paypal price $396 USD
    (2) DIR9001+DF1700+PCM63P-K*4 +  BUF03+OPA627+AD797
          Paypal price $452 USD
    (3) DIR9001+DF1700+PCM63P-K2*2 +  BUF03+OPA627+AD797
          Paypal price $452USD
    (4) DIR9001+DF1700+PCM63P-K2*4 +  BUF03+OPA627+AD797
          Paypal price $509 USD
    All of the chips except dir9001 are refurbished.  All of the prices DO NOT include shipping fee.
  12. haywood

    I don't think any of these vintage dacs had usb so if you see that present you can probably rule it out.
  13. ciphercomplete

    This one has been listed for a while now. Its been on my watch list for a month so it has been relisted a few times.
  14. snip3r77

    4pcs of PCM63P-K2 is pretty nice
  15. estreeter
    Groovy - thanks for that - just not completely wild about their ordering system. Much prefer a cart but I guess if they're offering custom options they prefer to offer you those choices when you fire them off the initial email. 
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