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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. purrin
    I have to return this item. This was made clear to me from the beginning. zdfx had the first go at it with v0.96. It's now my turn with v0.99.
    What makes me different? Surely you have heard that I am the Messiah?
    Consider this: I lose of a lot money on my endeavors and website; and most vendors won't dare let me touch their stuff.
    I also have an axe to grind with "high-end" audio bull-****tery. Starts with a story about 14 years ago when I asked my hifi dealer why we never saw bad reviews in the rags. These sentiments are reinforced every year I attend THE SHOW. So yes, I am doing this largely for the good of sound. Otherwise I'd be starting a true HF competitor website and raking in the dough. It wouldn't be that hard for a person in my position, I could start saying everything is "great", and vendors would be lining up at my door.
  2. negura
    So how's v0.99?
  3. conquerator2
    This thread just keeps on surprising me [​IMG]
  4. HemiSam
    This thread is real world.  Great info and just enough B.S. color for entertainment.  Besides, where else do you get the term "craptastic" in the context of head-fi audio....
  5. purrin
    Do inquiring minds really want to know? I wrote a FAQ on the Yggy v0.99's sound to entertain myself and my friends. I would be glad to post it here.
  6. mikek200
    PLEASE DO !!!
  7. purrin
    Question: I would be curious to hear how it stacks up to the MSB DAC's. Since the MSB stuff is so far out of the price range of most people and even most audiophiles... Appreciate the write-up on this! Interesting to see the history behind this and its relationship to the Theta DAC.
    Another's Answer (from someone who heard v0.96): Stomps the Analog DAC on technicalities. Some might prefer the Analog if they want that thicker tone/timbre which is honestly verging on a romantic coloration to me but tastefully done. I'd say competitive with the Platinum DAC though none of MSB's stuff has ever really impressed me for ultimate resolution. In fact, using the same demo tracks they use I've found that it might be a bit more forgiving than my own headphone rig. Whether that's from the DAC or other aspects of various chains found at various shows, I just feel after 3-4 years of hearing their stuff in various situations I always come away with the same feeling.

    I'd say MSB's tuning is more geared toward natural ease of listening without being offensive as too dry and analytical or warm and relaxed. I prefer gear more focused on honesty and transparency to the recording not that their stuff doesn't do that well, it's just not a number one priority based on my listening experiences so far.

    FAQ for v0.99
    The MSB DACs are mere toys. 

    There comes a point where words like warm, natural, digital, analog, raspy, romantic, timbre, tone, resolution, dynamics, micro-dynamics, liquid, analytical, organic, involving, soulful, flat, boring, lively, low level information, etc. make absolutely zero, nada, no ******* difference.  Yep, no ******* difference. The audiophile's pursuit, at least from my point of view and I know Anax is of the same opinion, is to recreate the musical performance to be as true as possible to the real thing - to fake us out into thinking it IS the REAL thing.

    The Yggy does that. It is the most REAL source I have ever heard. We are talking about v0.99 (essentially what the production model will be) which I was finally able to preview. The iteration Ravi heard was v0.96. This final version is a huge, HUGE step up - especially in terms of the intangibles.

    Q: I'm worried about the Yggdrasil being too analytical because you guys said it was so resolving down to the the original source tapes. I'm afraid of resolution.
    A: **** you. Do you think of resolution or analytical when you listen to the REAL thing?

    Q: How's the tone? I like a warm sound and I don't like nasty treble.
    A: **** you. Does the word REAL mean anything to you? REAL means the complete gamut of every kind of sound.

    Q: I have sucky recordings. Will the Yggdrasil make things sounds worse?
    A: Absolutely not. The Yggy will scrape whatever is left of the soul of the recording and rendering it in the most REAL way possible. In fact, bad recordings sound great, because you get a new take on them.

    Q: How does it compare to X or Y DAC?
    A: Do X or Y DAC fake you out into thinking the recording is REAL?

    Q: What do you mean by it's real?
    A: I'm listening to Taylor Swift's second record right now from the Yggdrasil. Ho Lee ****. Ho Lee ****. I keep saying to myself. I cannot believe it. I am at a concert. This is real. She and her band are in my living room. Yeah, Ho Lee ****... Ho Lee ****. I am going to explode.

    Q: I don't believe you.
    A: I don't give a ****. Go waste your money on an MSB DAC if you prefer American or Total DAC if you prefer European.

    Q: How does this compare to the Audio-GD Model X or Y?
    A: **** you. Are you a retard?

    Q: Does the Yggdrasil sound like a ladder DAC, or delta-sigma DAC, or a combination of the best qualities of both?
    A: **** you. Does REAL life sound like a ladder DAC or delta-sigma. Give me a ******* break.

    Q: I want a relaxo sound with imposed fluidity and warmth, like the Metrum or TDA15xx based NOS DACs.
    A: Then go get a ******* Metrum or POS TDA15xx based DAC.

    Q: Does the Yggy sound natural?
    A: **** you. Do you ask yourself if REAL life sounds are "natural"?

    Q: Can I copy and paste this post into a HF thread?
    A: Yeah, sure.

    Q: I'm afraid of the bite of trumpets, the blare of horns, crunch of guitars, smack of snares, crash of cymbals...
    A: Get another DAC. Might want to consider an expensive PCM1704 based one. Wadia or wait... Resolution Audio come to mind.

    Q: How long does it need to be warmed up? I heard about the long warm up times.
    A: Just leave it on. All the time. Sucking juice. I've done that with every DAC I have owned. True audiophiles need to make sacrifices. But to answer your question: 3 days minimum, 1 week for optimal performance.

    Q: I find this warm-up phenomenon rather incredulous or either Schiit engineers must be incompetent.
    A: Go buy an ODAC.

    Q: I prefer NOS because the marketing spiel from the NOS DAC manufacturer says that NOS does not muck up the signal. Is the Yggy an NOS DAC?
    A: Are you a ******* retard? Do you know what a brick-wall filter does to the original signal at 44.1kHz NOS?

    Q: How good is the Yggdrasil's USB Gen 3 implementation?
    A: Finally, a good question. I found the built-in USB Gen 3 to be cleaner and blacker sounding than the AES and SPDIF outputs from the Off Ramp 5. My OR5 does not have the turboclock or OTL upgrades.

    Q: Does Wyrd improve the sound?

    A: **** off. Do you think people who drive Bugatti Veyrons or Lexus LFAs bother with aftermarket intakes for their cars?
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  8. Rajikaru
    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: $2300

    **** you! 
    I'll buy a plane ticket, and go on a REAL vacation, to a REAL beach, and hear REAL live music. 
    I'll take along my FiiO X5 and IEM, and as I'm listening to music while sitting on REAL sand, sipping a REAL beer, watching a REAL sunset, I really shouldn't be thinking about this thread or anything on Head-fi at all. But if I do...
    I'll laugh REAL hard.
  9. purrin

    Or go to the real concert in Hawaii, come back home to the Yggy, and relive the experience with a $100 bottle of scotch.

    Must suck to be poor. Who's laughing now.
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  10. HemiSam
    And the hits keep comin'...
    This place is starting to grow on me.
  11. bfreedma

    Nice cheap shot. $100 bottle of scotch? Meh - scraping the bottom of the decent stuff I suppose.
  12. Rajikaru
    LOL I am.
    What is this, Beverly Hills 90210?!?
    Let's all take out our Guccis and top down sport cars and run races around our half-mile elliptical driveways. 
    If you can't handle your own irreverence, then...it must suck. [​IMG]
  13. purrin
    neener, neener, neener.
  14. Clemmaster
    And you'll be REALLY deaf when you come back.
  15. ciphercomplete
    What's the point in complaining about the price of a DAC (or anything for that matter) that you have no plan to buy?
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