This Christmas I wanna rock... Beyer DT250-250, or DT770-250
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Dec 9, 2001
I'm thinking about buying some headphones that will be used strictly for listening to rock/metal/alternative. These will be driven with my META42, so either should work just fine, right?

Which do people prefer for rock music: Beyer DT250-250 or DT770-250?

From my searching, it appears that the DT770 has the best bass and less midrange, but I can't quite get a clear picture of the sound from the DT250-250. Any comments would be welcome.

I'll be using my Etys for classical, as I feel that they are absolutely perfect for classical. They are absolutely fine for rock too IMO, but sometimes you just want to feel the bass and/or show off your system to your friends/roommate/etc.
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You wanna show the bass and impact to your roommate? well... dt770-250 is the way to go. I have not tried the dt250-250 but I got the 250-80 and the bass IMO is considered little baby to the dt770pro. Doesn't have as much impact.
The midrange on 770 is slightly recessed when compared to the 250. But IMO the better bass, soundstage and the high makes up for the slightly recessed mid.
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Originally posted by Guyferd
You wanna show the bass and impact to your roommate? well... dt770-250 is the way to go.

"dumb-basses" will be in your awe with the 770s. heh. another beyer phone to keep an eye out on is the new DT-880. i don't know what the release date or price is on this thing, but it does look promising. more info on this can be found in this thread .
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I agree with the rocommendations for the 770PROs. When I was looking into them, I was concerned that virtually all the comments here talk about the strong bass and slightly recessed mids. Although that is true, the bass doesn't overpower the rest of the music and the mids are not that recessed. The highs are actually pretty nice and they sound very "open" for a closed set of HPs. IMO, much better soundstage than my HD497s.

I've never listened to the 250-250s but have listened pretty extensively to the 250-80. For mixing music, the 250-80s win but for enjoyment, I'm glad I bought the 770s.

The 770s definitely are great for rock, but you'll find yourself listening to a lot of classical and jazz through them as well. I also have the ER-4S which I just love for classical and jazz, but sometimes the impact that the 770s bring are just what the doctor ordered.
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radrd -

For what you describe as your desired sound, the DT770's definitely fit the bill. Not the least bit accurate, but bass? - WHOA!
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radrd: I like the DT250/250 better, because the bass is a little leaner and not that overblown - and the overall sound impression to my ears is more neutral with the DT250/250. In addition, I find the DT250/250 comfier as well.

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Note: I'm not looking at this just to show them off to my roommate/friends, I really do want some good rock cans.

Since I already have a couple of cans that are closer to neutral (HD280 Pro and Ety ER4S), I'm thinking that the DT770 would be a nice change of pace. But I'd still like to hear opinions on either headphone.

Also, I'm jumping the gun a bit. It's likely these will be a Christmas present, or at least I won't order them until after my Philips player shows up and burns in (whenever that may be
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I wish i had picked up those 770's at Ebay when they were $80. I was all set to put down another bid for $80.02, which would have secured me two pairs. But then I thought that no one would go and buy 10 pairs at $80.01 anyways...

lesson learned.
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Originally posted by arnett
acidtripwow loves his meta42 and DT 770 combo.

meta42 and 770 have synergy? hmmm, i'll definitely have to look into some beyers in the distant future.
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My meta42 is powered by a elantec 24V linear regulated wall wart. The guts consist of the AD843 opamp, EL2001 buffers and 1000UF caps. Thats all I can remember off hand if you want anything more specific send me a PM and i'll open it up tonight when i get home.


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