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Mar 12, 2011
While this is a pretty chill thread to hang around after we unanimously decided on the theme of a particular month, that doesn't mean that anyone can come into the thread and act like they own it. It goes without saying that Head-Fi's ToS is still adhered here, and more over Currawong seems to made his roost here too. So that means this has almost 24/7 mod coverage. We are usually pretty tolerant of slightly hot topics, and are pretty good at self-moderating, but anything that hints at going into personal insults, racism, defamation and the like will not be tolerated and posts of that will be reported with the highest severity. If it gets you banned, all the better for the forum. Want to be an *******? GTFO, this is not the thread, nor the forum, and I will not allow a thread that I started tarnished by some Neanderthal screaming insults and flinging poo.
Of course, having said that, I invite you to join us and see how far we'll go with this. It will be guaranteed funny/epic/awesome/[insert hyperbole here].​

courtesy of Master warrenpchi
And now we have an official unofficial thread to discuss what themes to use for upcoming months, just for fun and to spice things up. Born from the mastermind kiteki when he hijacked the "Explain your avatar" thread back in August, the fun has been going on for 3 months now! Lets all join in and make HF more schizophrenic fun!

We have departed reality as we found it too creatively constricting. 

Welcome to TMAC, sorry about your avatar.  :D

First of all, just wanted to chime in on some of the comments about this thread in the past few weeks or so... totally agree, it is so chill in here.  No doubt thanks to all of you guys.

I've heard of various member lounge threads being described as cafes, bars, etc.  I think if I had to describe this thread, it'd be a cross between a treehouse and a bedsheet/blanket fort/castle.  It's like a neverending sleepover.  :D

Hmm. Never quite thought about it that way, but given the other choices (bars, cafes), never ending sleepover make sense. And, like most sleepovers, nobody ever sleeps. :D

If I had to come up with my own description, it feels to me like what I imagine a good local Head-Fi meet would be like. Except, of course, without the headphones. From what I gather, at least, the best part of meets isn't the cans, but getting to talk to other people who understand your passion. So it would make sense that, since there's only so much that can be said about headphones and avatars, we'd end up just chilling for most of the time.

And then there's Currawong. I actually think the sleepover thing comes more into play here, and he's like the really cool parent who lets you invite all your friends over to spend the night and pops in every once in a while with some Cheetos and hands out a few custom titles. And, he's watching, just in case things get out of hand.
Current theme
Hello everyone!  Welcome to...
[COLOR=40E0D0]Audiophiliac April![/COLOR]
[COLOR=008080](and Aping Argyris' Avatar April and Achmedisdead April as sub-themes)[/COLOR]

In accordance with TMAC bylaws and by previous balloting, this month will be dedicated to ripping him a new one honoring the one - but apparently not only - Steve Guttenberg!  A friend to Tyll, and to us all, Steve has worked long and tirelessly to edgemuhcate those that are less-informed about headphones (e.g. CNet's readership).  As it can't possibly be easy trying to deal with people that "like lots of base in their headphones," or people that think headphones are good because they "got a lot of hertz in them,"  we're here to let Steve know that we appreciate his efforts in the course of taking on an impossible task.  So, without further ado, let's take a look at one possible vessel of our undying love...

If you're not a TMAC regular - or are but have not chosen a TMAC Animal Friend for yourself, feel free to use the avatar above.  As you can see, this non-award-winning album cover from Steve's debut album also features Argyris's and Achmedisdead's Animal Friends.

Now, if you have selected a TMAC Animal Friend, then please locate the appropriate avatar below using the legend provided:
And last but not least, please know that the above is just one possible avatar.  Feel free to use any others you guys find, or have one of us shop you a custom.  It's all good!  Although, using the above will definitely add to the TMAC-patented confusion factor... and y'all remember how fun Obobtober was I'm sure.  :wink:

Oops, almost forgot Jude...

Anime Avatar August.
Sexy September.
For October we are now currently running with Occluding Obobskivich October (OOO), or more simply Obobtober! Go vanilla, or if you think you have the chops, you can customize and produce hilarious renditions of Scotty!
We were all noobs once. Naive, fresh with the realisation that there's something better than all the crap from iTunes and iBuds. Then came Head-Fi into our lives and we wasted a lot of money on the pursuit of the impossible, getting that Perfect Sound. What better way to commemorate such pointless, such wasteful, yet such fun ritual than to pretend we're all Noobs again in Head-Fi?

Grab yourself a default avatar and you're done. Feeling creative? Than why not 'shop yourself, or ask others, some of the default ones!

But even then, there was some November theme candidates that lost fair-and-square through democracy. Both the Nozomi theme and Movember theme have been defeated by this Noobvember idea. Feeling rebellious? Why not do all three!

Go forth, and join in the camaraderie of Noobvember!

Unanimous decision (more like undecision) for December: Currawong is Watching You. Dedicated this month for tribute to Currawong, the ever dauntless and diligent, friendly mod. My campaign to use alliterative theme naming fails this time, but I will try harder next time to bring more alliterative allure all around.

Choose from these three variants of Currawong, and with enough skill and imagination, maybe you too could also make a hybrid Cerberus-Currawong eldritch abomination watching you with three soul-reding gazes of pure insanity!



Sorry for the late update guys, it's been busy since I got exams and all. So this month's shenanigans is dedicated to the father of Head-fi, or at least the current head honcho, Jude Mansila. In fact, he himself has blessed out festivities by using one of the avatar that Master Warrenpchi did himself. Also for the same reason I'm not embedding all the awesome awesome awesome avatar done by both the venerable Doc Holliday and Master warrenpchi, and input some of my self-proclaimed witty comments, but never weep! Look to the top left of the page and there's the image gallery viewer thing if you never realised it until now, and just click on the latest image thumbnail to make it easier to look for the avatars. So have fun! As you can see though, I'm not joining in the fun since the anime I'm watching is way more awesome than this. Sorry Jude!!

My duty is done!​

It's been decided, and blessed by the man himself, that February's theme would be a tribute to Tyll Hertsens of InnerFidelity. What might I (we) name it? That's still not decided, but I'm sure through out impressive and smart hive-mind, we'll think of something both funny and epic.

[COLOR=696969]Welcome to[/COLOR] [COLOR=FF00CC]Muppet[/COLOR][COLOR=CC0000]Face[/COLOR] [COLOR=00FF00]March[/COLOR][COLOR=696969]![/COLOR]

jgray91's a little busy at the moment, so I'll be filling for the explanatory post this month.

Hey everyone, By an overwhelming decision of TMACians, I hereby announce a triple-monthed theme starting tomorrow!  I suppose things are always subject to change depending on TMACian whims.  But so far, this is how the months are breaking down:

March > MuppetFace March (yay!)

April > Audiophiliac April (with Aping Argyris' Avatar April and Achmedisdead April as sub-themes)

May > MalVeauX May (a.k.a. Heya, It's Mal May b**ches! very best,)

BTW, for anyone that doesn't know who MuppetFace is, pop into her Diary Thread and check it out.  Don't be shy, say hello while you're there!  And of course, feel free to join in whatever discussion happens to be going on at the moment.


[COLOR=FF00CC]The[/COLOR] [COLOR=CC0000]Avatar[/COLOR] [COLOR=00FF00]Choices[/COLOR]

1.  Her current avatar (as-is):

2.  Her current avatar (the TMACified version):

BTW guys, if y'all have any suggestions for how I should alter the above, just lemme know!

3.  A Muppified Bust

Alternatively, we can pick out portraits of random people and Muppify them with fuschia hair, red glasses, and Xbox-green clothing!  An early example of this concept would be what Tangster has already worked out:

Of course, I'll be on hand to Muppify the bust shots you guys pick out for yourselves.  For obvious reasons, selecting shots of people that are ALREADY wearing glasses would help a lot (as putting glasses onto people tends to take a little time :smile: ).

4.  Past MuppetFace Avatars

Or, we can go with one of her past avatars.  The only problem I see here is that we'd lose the confusion factor (as well as theme-cohesion).  But if anyone wants to use one of the following, just lemme know and I'll put a TMAC watermark on it.


2010 - 2011





He does now.

Mine's done!

It was supposed to look more distinctly like Misa Amane (from Death Note) but you can't really tell with the poorly shaded pink hair 

 but at least it fits the mood. 

shiorisekine: Done

Here's my shot at it:

I wanted to put a pair of K1000s on his head instead of beats. Couldn't be bothered to find a good angle though...

Thanks. :)
I'll post it here so anyone who wants to use it can do so.

LOL!  Looks good on ya!  That's the first time I've seen it in use (at the right size).  Hey, it looks alright!

DigitalFreak, here ya go!  It's a little bit rough, but at the smaller avatar size, it'll look just fine.

And for my avatar...  I'm going with the following for two reasons:  (a) because any avatar I come up with would pale in comparison to the real deal; and (b) it just totally cracks me up!  :D

BTW, as always, totally happy to share.  Mi avatar es su avatar!  :smile:



Future Themes Italics is my comments.
April > Audiophiliac April (with Aping Argyris' Avatar April and Achmedisdead April as sub-themes)

May > MalVeauX May (a.k.a. Heya, It's Mal May b**ches! very best,)

Not subject to change until June 2013.
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