the very best portalbe cd $$ limits!
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Jan 30, 2002
ok, here it is...

what is the very best sounding portable cd-player made (that can be purchased) at any price.

preferably with rechargable battery ...

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I believe Marantz dabbled in a PCDP somewhere along the line...

Else, an Optimus 3400 (might need to check that model #) is supposed to have a really great powerful sound... several people here have one... and its dirt cheap to boot
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Duncan: Do you refer to the one I dug up in that thread ( Maybe I should get one and review it...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: Btw, I'll try to call up Sanyo and get the CDP-1300 and CDP-4300 next week. I'm really curious, whether these still sound as good as my old CDP-55A using the line-out - and maybe they have a less hissy headphone-out, too. I'm just not sure whether I should shell out 200 Euro for the Sony D-EJ955 in order to compare 'em...

But I'm planning to do a large MP3-player comparision for the magazine, I'm working for, including the recent CD-based models (as well as HD- and FlashRAM-based units) - with the positive side-effect that I could report the results here, too. I'm just not sure, when we'd be finished - because currently I'm not myself, anymore, as I'm currently acting as partly temporary surrogate for 5+ people. Thus I have to ask for patience, even if I try my best. <sigh>
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I believe the marantz isn't really designed to be a pcdp, I mean, it is portable (roughly speaking) but I believe it is aimed at other uses.

It's price leads you to believe that it is good, but it has a lot of useless features as a pcdp and is heavy, and is probably not as good as other things available, imho.

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Driftwood: You might be right, but as long as nobody compares that thingy, we'll never know...

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I know that it's possible for someone to make a PCDP that would combine all the best qualities of the old sony's and have an amp that would compare to the porta or ta.
How many of you Headfiers would be willing to commision a firm etc. with money up front for development and production.
Am I dreaming? If so humor me with feedback.
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I was thinking a little more mainstream... something in production...that can be carried (easily)
I was thinking Panasonic, Sony, (I guess I'm thinking Rat Shack now, too) doesn't have to be one of these brands as long as it has a really really great sound!

so, the idea is ....ahem....the best sounding portable cd player, that is in any price
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How about my Sony D-555, and D-303..??? Both were priced at 300- 400 dollars in 1990-91. D-303 is the first discman to feature "1 bit DAC"

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