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Originally Posted by skellington /img/forum/go_quote.gif
We could have a meet up round someone's house at the weekend (unfortunately my room is too small).
Failing that we could rent out a room for a few hours. My local Quaker house charges £14 per 3 hours for a classroom sized room, £25 for the big hall.
So it's not an awful amount of money split between a few people.

When were you thinking ?
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I would come down south to Manchester and bring the big rig for an at least sizable if not large meet, and would B&B or similar or perhaps pawn somebodies floorspace.

If this is looking to be a real practicality for, say, 6-10 people, and it is a matter of simply picking a date because a venue is easily sorted and then the bill divvied up before we go to the pub. Then I suggest trying to decide on a date and pushing hard forward and just doing it.

2nd and 3rd weeks in august I can't do. Also cant do the week around the 13th July. Or the 3rd or 4th week in September. Just to show my cards in this game.

I hope we can do some kind of event given this enthusiasm. A meet doesnlt have to be big. Both Scotland meets were pretty small affairs but very good nevertheless. We do not have to psudo-canjam in order to mvoe forward. It is far better to do many small meets and after them, build slowl onwards, instead of just jumping in the deep end.

I leave the call to those of the Manchester shout. But I'm certainly well up for making my way towards any proper meet almost anywhere in the UK.
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I'll throw my hat in the ring for a Manchester meet. Sooner rather than later would be good if it's looking at all imminent.

I can do from now until mid-July as I'm planning a trip to the region anyway.

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Thought I'd chip in now i'm out of a wheelchair and somewhat more mobile.
I'd love to get to a meet, M62 corridor is very easy for me, and with my folks in Preston I can make it a round trip.
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Originally Posted by pedalhead /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hey guys. I'm in Oxon, seems there might be a few of us in the general area. I'd be up for travelling a bit to a meet if necessary as well.

I'm in Oxon too. Any other UK headfiers around here I wonder.

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