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The Source AV Mini Meet Featuring Raal! Aug 17th

    I hope people write their impressions on here.
  2. bryceu
    Bummed I worked 9-5:30 today or I would have swung by! Hope everyone had fun.
  3. TSAVAlan

    Danny brought a prototype amp/dac combo made in combination with Schiit Audio. It eliminates the need for the converter box and a speaker amp. Used the Jotunheim case for now as it is a prototype but Danny said it is tentatively 60-90 days from launch. Expected retail is $1400 and will be available to Raal dealers.

    Here is a little better view of the text on the sticker:

    I was running around quite a lot today for the event but feedback I heard on the unit was overwhelmingly positive. Some were saying how they preferred it to some much more expensive systems we had setup.

    I gave it a quick listen and it just sounded flipping awesome on the SR1a. Detailed and excellent instrument separation. Bass was tight and impactful. Treble was nice and sounded great with female vocals. Great option to look at if you lack funds or space for a speaker amp.
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    This might become a killer combo once released.
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  5. harris4crna
    Thank you to the Source for hosting the Raal event. These HPs utilizing the ribbon technology is quite unique, but truly works. The highs are clear and pristine, bass is punchy and fast and mids are full. The ability to flair the wings to enhance the bass or decrease is a great asset. No tuning pads needed here.

    Did not wear them for a long duration, but seemed comfortable. Clamping pressure a bit tight, although tolerable. I cannot imagine purchasing these as is due to the need to use a power amp with a converter box. Now, possible the Shiit Audio DAC/AMP may change my mind, hmmm......

    On another note, thank you Source for allowing me to listen to the Voce. I truly determined I made the right choice with the purchase of the Stax 009 over the Voce in combo with the BHSE.

    See you at the next meet.

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