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The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Nov 3, 2015.
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  1. Sal1950
    Yep, no offense scott5526 but I think you underestimate the number of VERY WEALTHY people there are in this world.
    But it ain't me babe, no no no it ain't me babe, it ain't me your lookin for babe.
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  2. scott5526
    What is the percentage of people that are actually audiophiles?
    The vast majority of those people really wouldn't care about these.  And of the ones that did, I'm sure a fair percentage would still seek a cheaper alternative lest they be worth more than a couple million dollars where $55,000 begins to seem insignificant.
    If I were worth $1,000,000 these would be over 5% of my total net worth, that's still expensive.  $5,000,000 is still a little over 1% which is still significant, though at this point the price is beginning to seem not-so-intimidating.
    With a annual cap of 200 of these, they start to make more sense.  I'd still be interested to know how many sell though.  Definitely enough people out there that can afford them, I'm just curious how many of them would actually be interested enough actually to buy one.
  3. scott5526

    No, believe you me, I know there are definitely enough people out there rich enough to buy these without batting an eye, I'm not that naive.
    Having said that, it's a question of how many people would actually be interested enough to buy these.
    Most people out there aren't audiophiles, and you might be surprised at how many rich people are actually incredibly thrifty.  Even among rich audiophiles, I could see a lot going for a cheaper (but still really nice) alternative, I.E. a Stax or an Abyss.  There might be some that buy these just to say they did, but among the people actually buying them for their quality, I would imagine the market among $1,000,000 + net worth buyers would be limited to some of the more passionate audiophiles.
    Once again, I'd be interested to know how these actually sell.  I'd be REALLY interested to know the demographics of the people who do buy it too.
  4. CanDude
    The new Opheus / Sennheiser HE1060/HEV1060 will be shown at the Stockholm High End Show this weekend! Since I’ll be working there I guess I have to check that it sounds OK now and then, just as a service to the visitors... [​IMG] You will find Sennheiser in the room Harald at Lundqvist & Lindqvist. I don’t know if Orpheus will be in that room, though. I hope they also bring HD800S.
    At Saturday 13:00 – 13:45 one of the product managers behind Orpheus will give you a tour through the technical insights. He (?) as well as the other guest speakers will be in the room St: Clara at Lundqvist & Lindqvist. (Last year I crushed one of Peter Scheelke’s (DXD pioneer) toes and ruined one of Michael Fremer’s turntable setups. I hope things will go better this year. [​IMG])
    This may be the first and last (?) time you can listen to the new Orpheus in Scandinavia...
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  5. up late

    good luck with that
  6. scott5526
    Thx m8
  7. mulder01
    I reckon they'll sell 200 per year if they make 200 per year. At least for the first year or two there'll be a waiting list. I don't know if that will continue 5 years down the track though - by then there should be comparable stuff for less coin.
  8. David1961

    It's good Hi-FiMan have designed the Shangri-La so it could be used with most stats amps, but it's hopes Sennheiser will do the same with another version of the HE-1060 at an affordable price.
    If they did that then (IMO ) it would show they're considerate to those of us that can't afford the new Orpheus system.
  9. astrostar59

    Get the 009s and a BHSE and buy a year old Cayman, put private get on it and it will look like new and your done.
    Waiting for 'real world' reviews of the 'awesome' Senn by posters on here.....
    I want to know:
    1. Is it better than the 009 with a BHSE/T2
    2. If so, by how much
    3. How good is the built in DAC, can a superb DAC with the BHSE and 009s come close
    Negatives besides the price:
    1 Insurance cost
    2 Valve costs and availability (and life expectancy)
    3 Weight of the headphones
    4 Heat in the headphone
  10. astrostar59

    Yes I agree. BUT the 1060 has a built in final stage and no doubt custom designed panels just for that circuit / amplifier. So to do a different version without the final stage may be a start again situation. Plus if they did another version it could have the effect of watering down and 'cheapening' the status / mystique of the new Orpheus system.
    Also the HE-90 was better than the cheaper HE-60 so a watered down 1060 may end up not as good as the 009?
  11. dharma
    Could You 'discretely' organize 'another' SACD to this public show??
  12. up late

    good luck with that
  13. David1961

    I've seen some saying the HE-60 sounds very good driven by the BHSE, whereas Birgir has an HE-90 and put Lambda Nova Signature drivers in that headphone, so obviously he can't have reckoned that much about the HE-90 with it's original drivers.
  14. wink
    Maybe this year, you could trash the whole room by perhaps, turning on the sprinkler system.
    This may be the year they don't let you in to the building.
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  15. wink
    I wonder how many of these will end up just being showpieces that never get any electrons running through their wires.
    Something akin to all those showpiece cars that clutter up collectors' garages and museums......   [​IMG]
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