The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread
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FWIW, I've heard the Abyss sound absolutely fantastic on the Woo 234 and I've heard them sound incredibly average on almost everything else.  
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Are these widely available? I would want to carefully audition a pair, preferably with my own set up, if ever I am considering buying one. My local JPS Lab dealer told me they would only bring in one if a customer places a firm order.
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To night i found another best portable Set Up , that really can drive My Abyss 1266 to excellent sound quality and have Power full to drive My Abyss 1266 and No distorsion , these Two best set Up are coming from Cypher Labs product

First set Up is :

Source : iPhone 4s mod
Dac : Cypher Labs Class Solo tactical design
Amp : ALO Rx 3 B

Second set Up is :

Source : iPhone 4s mod
Dac / Amp : Theorem 730 In This set Up as My dac
Amp : RSA The Intruder

These Two best set Up are runcing In Balance RSA
Abyss 3 Pin Balance > 3 Pin Female balance to male 4 balance > 4 Pin Balance To rsa going to My Intruder or Alo Rx 3 B

Overall : SQ are like desktop Amps With Powerful SQ wothout distorsion .
Until now these Two are My best set Up to drive Abyss 1266

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Congrats fir Your New Abyss :beerchug:
And beautiful pictures

Thanks...but not mine. These belong to Jack Wu of Woo Audio. They were taken for his website.

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