The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. biosailor
    Weile waiting for my ATC SCM11s loudspeakers (the dealer will contact ATC factory to geht an estimate about the delivery), I'm listening with my headphones. I used to listen to the GSX Mk2 with my preferred headphones, the Sennheiser HD800. Just out of curiosity, I switched the amp to single ended and connected my long forgotten Grado GH1 on (large cushions on). I was amazed how well they pair with the GSX amp. Very revealing and transparent headphones. Particularly with the record I'm streaming through my Aurender (Foehn Trio, 'Call of the Mountains'), the GH1 produce a very intimate and pleasant sound. It's good to switch headphones from time to time!
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  2. ZGojira
    Just got my GS-X. Sounds amazing! I am lost for words :smile_cat:

    Out of interest, are the serial numbers sequential?
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  3. wink
    They're cardinlal numbers and the increment by one unit per amp built........... :ksc75smile: :L3000: ) i.e. they're serial and sequential).
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  4. ZGojira
    :open_mouth: Assuming that my unit is a recent one, the serial number seems really low, like unrealistically low.
    ...Unless I misread a 1 by a 7 or something like that :confused:
  5. joseph69
    Maybe it's #1 or #7 from a particular batch? Who knows, maybe Justin starts each new batch from #1? Anyway, I wouldn't be concerned about the serial #, I would just be happy I own one and enjoy it. :beerchug:
  6. mhpsd
    My apologies if this has been addressed, but I can't find it in the 300+ pages :)

    Does anyone have any experience using the GS-X II with either the Violectric/Lake People (specifically RS-06) or the Audio GD (specifically DAC 19 10th Anniversary)?

    I like these DACs with my current amps, but I'm concerned that they may not hold up to the clarity/transparency of the GS-X.

    Any thoughts?

  7. sheldaze
    The amplifier does not convert from single-ended to balanced. If you use a single-ended source (I owned DAC 19 at one point) you will get a single-ended output, via both the 1/4" phono and XLR outputs. I suggest a balanced source for best sound from the amplifier. I have no familiarity with the other products you mention.
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  8. biosailor
    I finally have my speaker chain together and listening to it for about two weeks. I'm driving a Lab.Gruppen IPD 1200 class D amp with the GSX-Mk2 pre-amplifier. Beautiful, absolutely clean and very engaging sound coming from the pre-amp. I have the pre-amp set to 'High' gain. The power amp is maybe a bit too much for my system (2x300 W), but I wanted to be on the safe side as the speakers are not the most sensitive in the world (85 dB/@1 W/@1 metre), so I wanted to have the power just in case the speaker's impedance drops at some point in the frequency.

    The volume control of the GSX-Mk2 is hardly above 07:00 for comfortable listening (regular Alps pot), and I have to limit the power amp's input to prevent it from playing too loud. The nice thing is that the amp can be controlled entirely via my iPad (screenshot below). Cool stuff.

    Again, the GSX-Mk2 is equally amazing as a headphone and pre-amp!

    2017-08-13 15.33.41.png
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  9. rgs9200m
    Hi biosailor and thanks for that report. Quick question, is the volume adjustment via the Ipad directly controlling some sort of gain control on the Gruppen power amp itself? [I looked at the web page for it but I can't tell; it does mention the DSP, so does that do this. Thanks.]
    Thanks for clarifying this.
    I did the same thing sort of when I had my GSX-2 acting as a pre-amp into my desktop QUAD 12L powered speakers as was surprised at how good the sound was even though there were then 2 volume controls in the path,
    the GSX2's and those on the QUADS.
    Thanks again.
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  10. HeadAmpTeam
    We're glad to hear how much you are enjoying the GS-X as part of your speaker system! The pre-amp capabilities sometimes seem a little overlooked, but the same audible clarity and purity should shine though in just about any configuration whether using it with headphones or speakers. We have a nice B+W system at HeadAmp HQ to vouch for it!
  11. biosailor
    I must confess, I really don't know too much about the Lab.Gruppen seit. The manual doesn't explain too much, it just tells what you can do with it. I need to get some first hand information from Lab.Gruppen by mail. The way I perceive the sound, it looks as if there is just attenuation with the input sliders. It is also possible to adjust the output levels. So, control on many levels. DSP is on a different menu, with adjustable EQ on both, the input and output. But I don't Play around with EQing, as I like the sound as it is.

    I'll keep you posted with respect to the Lab.Gruppen manual.
  12. biosailor
    Indeed, the forum doesn't mention the pre-amp too often. Before deciding on the amp, I took the GSX-Mk2 to the local dealer to try it out with the amp/speaker combination and we compared it with a Marantz integrated amp and with a Naim system (forgot which types they were). The GSX/LabGruppen combo was so much more reveiling than the Marantz, that the decision was immediately clear. The Naim system was very close, but the GSX/LabGruppen was a tiny bit more detailed, but I could've easily lived with the Naim, hadn't I already the GSX-Mk2. I now have a very flexible system: a great pre-amp, a headphone amp that can't be beaten, and a very good speaker system. What more can you wish for?
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  13. rgs9200m
    Yep, I had a number of high end preamps over the years and the GSX2 was top notch in that mode.
    Thanks again for the info and good luck.
  14. wink
    There's no luck involved where a GSX Mk II is concerned... :ksc75smile:
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  15. cooperpwc
    I think that this is digital attenuation which is pretty good these days. (Some high end DACs offer it too.) All things being equal I prefer to adjust volume from the GS-X mk2 in pre-amp mode, but I admit to sometimes using the Foobar volume control via the iPhone MonkeyMote app to turn down volume - at least until I can unlazy and walk over to the GS-X. It is quite transparent and it can be handy.

    The GS-X mk2 is a lovely pre-amp. I use it a lot.
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