The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
  1. Ali-Pacha
    First time today with GS-X/mk2, through Focal Clear and Utopia.
    I was excepting something utterly bright, screechy and painful, reading all the reports down there...and it was a truly good surprise. Yeah, it's without filter, but the control is really amazing, it kicks hard, and there's absolutely nothing grainy in the sound. I didn't have the occasion to plug my modded HD800, but it should be interesting :)

    As a BHSE owner, I may be sensitive to the Headamp / Gilmore house sound :D

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  2. yage
    HeadAmp makes top drawer stuff for sure. I was lucky enough to buy a GS-1 with Dynalo+ modules (same as in the GS-X mk 2) off the used market and haven't felt the itch to switch to any other solid state amp. Justin knows what he's doing.
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  3. biosailor
    I am anxiously waiting for my new Odyssey Audio Khartago power amp, with the ,full monty‘ Kismet upgrade and balanced option. My GSX Mk2 pre-amp will be immediately connected to the power amp. I‘ll report back when the amp arrived. In the meantime, despite my wonderful ATC bookshelf speakers, I very much enjoy listening to the GSX Mk2 with my HD800 headphones. Will keep you posten!
  4. Whazzzup
    on a different note thanks for the heads up on aurender streamer feedback it was because of that that i started looking into external servers running roon core and came upon antipodes audio from new zealand, any rate the best thing I have done in improving my listening experience. The fondant is GSX MK2 but the server is the fundamental thing for me.
    I only use hd800S through this system. so cheers.
  5. biosailor
    I was totally fed up using (misusing?) my MacBook Pro for listening purposes. Not that it didn't sound good, but it became a drag hooking up my system via USB and unplugging it whenever I needed the laptop somewhere else. So I was looking around for a streamer and since I intended to use only USB, the Aurender N100H seemed like a perfect solution. Sonically, I quite like the Aurender, although I am debating if a Roon-ready streamer wouldn't have been a better option. But I am really, really happy with my N100H, so I do not envisage to switch to something else. BUT, upgraditis starts to nag, and in my wildest dreams, I think of upgrading to an Aurender N10. I keep reading posts about the N10, so eventually, I might buy one, even though it is a pretty pricey piece of equipment. But the same goes with Antipodes!
    First things first: upgrade the amp, listen how it settles in my system, and then we'll see further.
  6. biosailor
    Just connected my DAC via Audioquest Evergreen RCAs to the GSX Mk2 to hook on my Grado GH1 headphones in SE mode. Beautiful revealing sound. Whenever I switch from my HD800 to the Grado GH1, I am surprised about the GH1's bass. Very articulate, but not imposing. Super combo the Grados and the GSX Mk2!
  7. joseph69
    I definitely agree!
  8. RUMAY408
    The GSX-MK2 is so great, just up graded to the Marantz SA8005 CD/SACD player and the better the upstream feed the better the result.
    My go to bass impact album is the Gorrilaz Demon Days with the track "Kids With Guns" the HD800 resonates with bass
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  9. justin w. Contributor
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  10. SeaWo|f
    I think you need to take advantage of the momentum that this media coverage has generated to announce and detail the new flagship amp you have been working on..
  11. DarKu
  12. SeaWo|f
  13. eee1111
    what does the champagne version look like?
  14. joseph69
    Dom Perignon
    Here is the color chart from HeadAmp.
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  15. justin w. Contributor
    Like this -- we just got the matching screws today

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