The Grado HF2--It's For Real
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you might as well just order them will anyway, as the hype and excitement in the canjam/ttvj/hf2 threads will be at a fever pitch, i imagine.

Yeah, I was about to wait but just ordered them right now, to establish myself further up the cue. I've been around Head-Fi long enough to know the initial excitement/amazement that surrounds new releases. It's only after several months after release that the limitations start to surface.
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Are Grado cans a good match for one or more of the following headphone amps?:

Headroom Balanced Desktop
RSA Emmeline XP-7
MF X-Can v2

I don't own any Grados and might be interested in trying the HF-2 if there is a reasonable expectation that it will mate well with one or more of my present amps.

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Of course they will, you might be looking for that "synergy" some people talk about, but an amp is an amp and it drives more current to your headphones. They are also special edition, but you could also wait just one more day and see them by yourself + read impressions.

BTW, I measured the impedance of my sr225 and it is 32.2 Ohms in the left and right driver. NIiiice
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If you're Canadian (sorry if you're not, then ignore this!):
As Grados are made exclusively in the USA, they would qualify under the NAFTA agreement. If Canadian Customs charges you for the duties, just send in a refund request stating that they are made in the USA.

But you still get dinged for the GST, if I'm not mistaken..
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Originally Posted by CTechKid /img/forum/go_quote.gif

so that's what they meant by "you'll get a lot of headphone for your money"
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Gosh only 12 more hours til the unveiling!!!
Going to get clothes for a wedding sunday in the A.M. but will definately check this first!
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Welllllll - I did it (gulp) - hours to go before the unveiling and I bit---- just finished ordering and PayPaling the HF-2. May not be able to feed the family for the month, but now I can finally sleep and rest assured that I have secured a piece of history. To be honest, I was quite worried that if I waited until after the unveiling tomorrow at CanJam that I would miss out, what with the sudden rush of last minute orders and stock disappearing all too quickly.
Now for the wait on delivery...(sigh : )
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But not taxes (GST, PST or HST depending on Province) and brokerage fees. If shipped via a courier like UPS or FedEx you can expect rather exorbitant brokerage fees, UPS is the absolute worst. If shipped via USPS/Canada Post they charge a flat $5 brokerage fee.

Yeah, I'll probably end up getting raped with some sort of fees. I chose the FedEx expedited shipping option with Todd, just so I'd get em quicker. But I have a FedEx account, so at least I don't need to worry about paying at the door/missing the delivery. I've also got a sticker on my mailbox that authorizes them to leave packages at my door (I live in a safe neighbourhood so I'm not concerned about theft), which is great.

Can't wait for em! Although I have a feeling I'll be in Vancouver when they ship...
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These sound amazing

You... you don't know that yet!


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