Feb 27, 2005
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research scientist

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    research scientist
    jogging; day hiking; watching movies; autos; investing; watches; watching sports
    Headphone Inventory:
    Alessandro MS-Pro
    Koss KSC75

    Previously owned:
    Grado SR60 (x2)
    Sennheiser HD650 with Zu Mobius cable
    Grado RS-1 (x3, including the infamous "Late Friday" edition)
    Sharp MD33s
    AKG k701
    Alessandro MS-1
    Alessandro MS-2i
    Grado SR225
    Grado HF-2 (#213)
    Grado RS2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    HeadAmp GS-1 (with DACT stepped attenuator)
    Electric Avenues PA2V2

    Previous owned:
    NAD 1600 preamp/tuner (very good headphone output)
    HeadAmp Gilmore Lite (with Elpac PS)
    HeadAmp Gilmore Lite (with dedicated power supply)
    HeadAmp GS-1 (with Alps pot)
    HeadRoom Total AirHead 2006
    Little Dot Micro+
    Source Inventory:
    Music Hall CD25.2 CD player (as transport)
    Ack! Industries dAck! 2.0 D/A converter
    HRT Music Streamer+
    Panasonic SL-S160 (vintage portable CD player made in Japan!)
    Cowon J3 32MB
    Previously owned:
    NAD 502
    Cambridge Audio 640c
    Toshiba SD-4000
    Sansa Fuze v2 8MB
    Cable Inventory:
    Kimber Kable Silver Streak IC
    Kimber Kable PBJ
    Cardas mini-to-mini IC
    DIY VH Audio Flavor 1 PC
    Zu Birth PC
    Ack! Industries The Digital Connect
    DiMarzio Big Red extension cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Monster Cable HTS-1000
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    crushed bowls on MS-Pro
    Music Preferences:
    I listen to pretty much all genres of music except country; I mostly collect greatest hits CD's since I prefer to get a sample of the best and most familiar music from as many artists as I can rather than dig deeply into only a few


    LIVING ROOM: Music Hall CD25.2 (digital out) > Ack! Industries dAck! 2.0 > HeadAmp GS-1 (with DACT SA) > Alessandro MS-Pro
    PORTABLE:  Cowon J3 32MB > Koss KSC75

    Head-Fi feedback
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