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The foobar2000 resource thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tilpo, Jul 3, 2012.
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  1. tmak67
    i have been trying to find the "foo_vis_vumeter.dll" file - do you know where i could download it safely from?
  2. dobro1
    These meters are really cool for an old school guy like me. But I'm having a problem getting them to work. I'm using foobar portable 1.2.1 in Win7. I put  foo_vis_vumeter.dll and several of the meter skins (including Vu Meter by Mire (behringer yellow).bin) in the components folder. I even copied them to the user-components folder to see if that would help, but it didn't. When I open foobar and go to view_visualizations I don't see the new meters. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully, you can tell me. Thanks!
  3. PleasantSounds
    I just repeated the installation in portable mode and it works. Here's what I did (in particular check the bold part):
    Install foobar in portable mode.
    Select screen layout with Visualisations.
    Place foo_vis_vumeter.dll in the Components folder.
    Place the desired skin (.bin) files in the Components folder.
    Restart Foobar2000, so it can register the added dll.
    Select "View -> Layout -> Enable layout editing mode"  from the menu.
    Right-click the tab area in Visualisations panel and select "Add New Tab".
    Right-click the new tab and rename it to "Analog VU" or something else you like.
    Right-click the visualisation display area and select "Add New UI Element".
    Select the "Analog VU Meter" from the list. At this point one of the skins you have installed should start working. Don't forget to disable the layout editing mode when you're done.
    Further customisation can be done by right-clicking the component and selecting some options.
    Tuning of the VU meter sensitivity can be done through Preferences -> Advanced -> Display -> VU Meter (I'm using preamp 12dB and rise time 0.10s).
  4. tmak67
    where can i download the foo_vis_vumeter.dll file?
  5. PleasantSounds
    I have extracted this link from the Russian foobar forum - it should be the latest version.
    Anticipating the next question, here's a discussion thread (unfortunately also in Russian) with links to download several good skins.
  6. tmak67
    Thanks for your help, i was able to download and insert the vu meters - very cool
    Once again Thanks for everyone's help
  7. ninogui
    Would be great the availability of  5.1 channel meters..
  8. gr4474
    I have been using foobar for a week or two...and it has deleted my entire library twice.  It is still on my computer, but I have to re-add my songs.  Does anyone else have this problem...and how can I fix it?
  9. jaddie
    Foobar experts: So I caved and downloaded it today, installed it on my XP laptop.  Then spent the next two hours removing the many toolbars and unwanted apps that came along for the ride, fixing the mess it all made of my registry, and trying to get the machine back to normal.  Finally had to delete everything, it had my machine down to a crawl.  I think I'm back to zero now.
    I'm assuming there's a "clean" version somewhere without all the junk apps?  
    I know it's not a good comparison, but installing iTunes installs only iTunes, which then will uninstall easily the first try.
  10. A_Man_Eating_Duck
    Where did you download it from?
    there is no extra junk (toolbars or apps) in the official installer.
    3729256 bytes

    CRC32: 957afa58
    MD5: cd9b1bb26a7c40ef1c90ad24d53f0b40
    SHA1: b0af83afa0c7f5d6ae90e6a1a292b0e20936042b
  11. KamijoIsMyHero
    anybody know how to add more sources like freedb or musicbrainz? Specifically from other regions in the world like Japan, Korea...
  12. Muzika
    I've had a good look around but I can't find the answer to what seems should be a simple exercise...
    How do I add the Peakmeter Spectrum so that it's available in the View -> Visualisations menu, such that I can open it in its own window as I can with the default Spectrum Analyser?
  13. Tilpo

    After a quick google:
    I don't think it's possible to open Columns UI components in a separate window, as I suspected. So you're probably out of luck. But you could try posting this question in the thread of the component you just linked to yourself.
  14. Muzika
    Thanks for taking a look. That's a bummer... I really like looking at the spectrum analyser and playing around with my EQ. The default spectrum analyser is pretty basic though... The one used in this component looks really nice. I've posted the question in the thread as you suggested. Fingers crossed...
    I'd have thought this function is pretty popular... Does everyone else use it as a panel? Or is there another program?
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