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The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Mar 16, 2013.
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  1. Frank I
     t DSC_1767.jpg
     I had DMinches and Zheng over today comparing the new Taboo with the Old Taboo. We also had Glenn new OTL David bought and it was an amazing amp as well as the outstanding Woo W6SE. The headphones on hand were the T1,HD800<LCD2.2<LCD3.AT3000anv. We all came to the consensus that the new Taboo MK 111 is a step up over  the older model with subtle but noticeable difference in improved soundstage and separation of the instrument within the soundstage. The new lucid mode feature is interesting in that it moves around stuff in the soundstage. Some may like it other may not. It is just a flick of the switch and can be turned on or off according to your preference. it played all headphones easily. 
    Another  consensus was when the csp2 was hooked up to the MK111  was another step up with more dynamics and better soundstage and added power to the listening experience. I had a similar experience from my last experience with the Decware setup.   I also think if you owned the Taboo 111 the differences were small enough that you may not want to upgrade to the newer model. For some a small difference would be worth the expenditure.  I will keep adding more impression and David and Zheng will also be adding their impression but I just wanted to get some pictures up and will add more  as time permits.
  2. Frank I
  3. jazzerdave
    How does the HD800 sound with the Taboo mkIII?
  4. Frank I
    Excellent. I like the combo and likedit even more when the csp2 and Taboo were hooked up but it excellent on its own. i also prefer it with the balanced 4 pin XLR connection
  5. bearFNF Contributor
    Nice pictures.  Really liking the look of the Taboo MkIII.  The CSP2+ also looks nice, not sure if I like the white or the black plate better.
    Can you or are you going to give a list of how each was hooked up (cables, interconnects, etc?).  That would help some of us newbies.
    Thanks for the effort here and for answering all my questions on the other threads.
  6. jazzerdave
    How does it fare compared to just the CSP2+?
  7. Frank I
  8. longbowbbs
    Great pics Frank! Looks like a great time for all.
  9. Frank I
    Thanks Dave ook most of them with my Nikon d70000 but unfortunately he not in any of them. I told him to come back so I can take some more pictures
  10. Greeni
    Thanks for the impressions.
    So the new Mk III is priced at $1,695 and the improvement of Mk III over Mk II is small, I guess at this price level of $1,695 there are pretty much choices that one should also consider ?
  11. rated1975
  12. longbowbbs
    There is a law of diminishing returns with Audio. At a certain point the price scales up and the improvements are not as large. Depends what you are seeking as to the value proposition.
  13. disastermouse
    I would really like to hear this amp with my HE-500. Lucid mode intrigues me and there's a certain unquantifiable romance (lust?) I feel for this amp.

    How do you link a csp2+ to a Taboo and how is this not 'double amping'?

    Edited to add:

    I read in the other thread that balanced out was necessary for the original lucid mode. I a balanced cable still required for lucid mode?
  14. Argo Duck
    ^^ Eric is right. Anyway, we need to see the full, detailed review and others' impressions before 'conclusions' can be drawn.

    Subtle differences *can* be critical to one listener and inaudible to another.

    I likely see this amp sometime in my future as I already know and appreciate the 'Decware sound' and capabilities. The switchable extra cross-feed ('lucid') will probably add value too (it finally dawned on me recently my LCD2 rev 1's SS isn't quite as narrow as most describe it for this reason alone). OTOH, I haven't yet plumbed the limits of the Taboo II, which I'm sure will keep me engaged at least another year or two.

    At $1695 or any price one should always consider the options!
  15. Frank I
    The csp2 is a preamp so its a natural with the taboo. The CSP2 handles the source and the other inputs fop to the taboo second input and it works well. 
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