The Christiansen "DG" 300B Amplifier Build Thread

  1. rellik
    wow, that is a complex build. Some of the joints seem to be floating on the semi-pliable glue.

    ---Could you recommend a glue that stays compliant when used to create a strain relief void?
  2. jh4db536
    There's nothing floating on glue, all joints that are supposed to be glued are flush. I used Titebond2 and 3 from homedepot and would recommend Titebond2 if i had to do it again (faster cure).

    With these flatpacks, everything is position a piece at a time, glue, align the other side, and clamp. It's very easy, a caveman could do it.

    To fill voids (3 sections in each cabinet), i used a mixture of sand and liquid foam.
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  3. rellik
    "Happy Days". I like your profile picture.

    BTW, I must be mistaken about the voids, must be angles or something. Thanks for the glue recommendations.

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