The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New)
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I hear sharp Ssssss's in "Don't know why" in my srh840s, which are pretty good about sibilance.  Also tending to agree it's not the LCD-2's shortcoming here...
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Yep now it happened. Wood cracked near the right connector... And these are only 3 months old. already sent an message to audeze through their website. Couple of days have passed and no response. They are probably a little bit busy. Anyone else have any experience with audezes warranty policy?

I had a pair of r.1's where the wood cracked after 5 days.  Audeze fixed the problem.  They honor every detail of their warranties.
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The LCD 2 is a work of art.  The construction quality, smell (wood, leather and orange oil) cable; an absolute object of beauty.   And they sound perfect, the Yin to my T1s Yang. 
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Ah crap. I've only had mine for 2 months, and I notice a line in the same spot as yours. It's not a crack, but I can feel a thin outline of a line that runs in that same area. I'm guessing mine might eventually crack in that same spot.

Guess there is no point worrying. If it does, that's what the 3 year warranty is for. 
Yup, took the headphones from the desk and noticed this crack. This is just a crappy iphone picture but you can see the crack. Im just totally boiling right now, some personal things gone bad and now this.



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Actually, upon further inspection, I guess maybe mine..kind of is cracked. I mean, it's weird. The line/fissure is there, but it's not fully deep either. I never even noticed it before, feels a bit more like a pit. But here is two pics I took with my phone: 
Hmmm not sure if I'm going to send them in just yet. Kind of thinking I should just wait. =/


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I also have one that is cracked in the same place.
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Anyone tried the LCD-3 much softer pads on the LCD-2?
Is it possible to buy the LCD-3 pads? I have sent an email and they don't seem capable of answering my question.
The LCD-2 non leather pads are pleather?
Anyone tried some velour Hifiman/Beyer pads?
I'm getting tired of only being able to have these on for about 1 hour at the time. I have the rev1 pads tho.
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Wow I have had several pairs r1 and r2 and never one that had cracked wood!
Sweden, I don't think it's possible atm to get lcd-3 pads but if I had to guess Audeze would sell them later or possibly if you call and ask.
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Shoot, I wonder if I should even bother sending mine in right now. Maybe I'll just wait for it to full on crack... 
Just kind of sucks, because I just got done burning them in. If they do fix the wood, do they send you an new headphone? Or do they literally take the one you have, and just re-do the wood on it. 
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This is going to sound stupid and ignorant, but I had no idea oiling them up would help maintain the integrity of the casing. I just thought it was for cosmetic/looks.
I still think I'm going to hold off on sending these in. But will oil them up asap. 
Keep your LCD-2's oiled up when you get them to help cracks from starting.    Now everyone knows why the LCD-3 has those metal connectors...


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