The Altmann Tera Player - Thread
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If you crave the organic analogue sound of the Tera Player (TP) in a full size DAC without the pronounced frequency extreme truncations of the TP and with better connectivity for use in your home rig, the LessLoss Echo's End DAC is like listening to a Tera Player on steroids. I rate it very highly indeed. :)
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I had the Lotoo Paw Gold myself and I admit is a very good sounding portable music player,but o prefer the Tera's sound signature.
But the Paw Gold is the best second in my opinion from everything i tried all the way up to AK380 Cu.

Tralucent Plus 5 and Uber cable - this is what you have to try with both Tera and LPG before you can be sure which you prefer.  You may still end up preferring Tera but LPG is absolutely stunning with these phones.
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Tgdinamo- i would consider if i can hear them before the purchase.

I understand as those are very expensive - with uber cable it all adds up to around $3K. I had no concern ordering them before I heard them, but that's because I already had 2 great experiences with older Tralucent models which are all truly in a class of their own especially when it comes to IEM pairing with Tera.
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Can't go wrong with tralucent. My love affair continues. Only heard the Ref 1 Too with the LPG, excellent pairing. One day I hope to hear the Tera Player.

You won't miss much [for not able to audition the Tera] in fact my friend. It's more of a myth for those never had one.

For true analog sound, don't see any current DAPs could come close to the true analogue sound...try out Walkmans in those old days for a few minutes then you know what I mean.
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The Tera Player is not only about the amazing sound quality,it is also about portability and long battery life.
And i didn't mention about the stability.Every player has more or less glitches with the firmware,bugs,the UI slows down after few months.
Tera can be used while in the pocket,without no problem.
Once you insert the SD card music start playing instantly( 0.5 sec ) and that's a Big bonus for me.
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I don't suppose there are any Tera owners that are thinking about letting theirs go? :grinning:
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You might regret it 

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Today i have received my Monk+ red earbuds from Massdrop. Straight out the Tera Player with two covers on,i am very impressed.The soundstage is huge, with great quality, a full dynamic sound.The bass is lacking a bit but that was to be expected from an earbud.
Burn in progress should help the whole frequency response smoother.
Really pleased with this purchase and i still cannot believe they cost only $4.99
Anyone needs to hear them and own at least 1 pair:trophy::grin:

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