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Thank you HeadRoom!

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  1. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    I know some of you will want to comment on how HeadRoom has been a part of your enjoyment in this hobby. I also know it'll be a little embarassing to me, so I thought I should start a thread for you to thank HeadRoom for our work, and keep it in one tidy spot. I'm also interested in hearing how folks at HeadRoom, other than myself, have helped you out, they work very hard at something that isn't necessarily their passion or hobby; I know that they'd appreciate you gratitude.

    I'll start.

    I want to thank Roger and Carl. You don't know these guys, but they are the ones that pulled $225,000 out of their pocket for me to start HeadRoom. (I suppose this might be the hobby's first "sorry about your wallet" moment.) They thought I might be able to put productivity where my mouth is, and if I've done anything to get this hobby started it was all because they had the courage to invest in a crazy guy who thought headphones could be more than what they were 15 years ago. Thanks!

    I also want to thank all the HeadRoom employees I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. I may have been the wildman that had some interesting ideas, but they were the ones doing the heavy lift day after day that makes a company a living, breathing, productive being. HeadRoom is now at a point where even my hairbrained idea like a speaker stand is strongly refined as it goes through the gauntlet of the product developement team. (You should have seen my first drawings of the thing; it was a completely different beast as it first appeared in my head.) We have a strong team of strong headed people here at HeadRoom who work VERY hard to make the rubber hit the road, and I am immeasureably greatfull for all their efforts. Thanks!

    I want to thank Jude and the community here. Our products are nothing but black boxes but for the community of headphone enthusiasts here. It's that enthusiasm for great audio reproduction that breaths life into HeadRoom. I remember 15 years ago when I was shouting into a black hole advocating the benefits of headphones. I remember writing ads and brochures waiting all day for the phone to ring. I remember thinking, "OMG! Will this ever take off? Am I just a lone moron betting my life on a worthless audio accessory?" Well, you all have given me far more than hope in my love of great reproduction on headphones. I now know with confidance that my initial belief in headphones as being a great avenue to get high-fidelity performance is founded on something so real and bigger than HeadRoom that others will recognise it if just given the chance. Thanks!

    And I want to thank this community for something else: I NEVER had any idea that this thing could be a legitimate hobby. I just thought it was an unexplored opportunity for a new category of high-end gear. You guys turned it into a REAL hobby with a whole variety of avenues of exploration from meets to DIY. While I pretty clearly saw what commercial headphone offerings might be, I allways thought I'd end up being just another vendor at a trade show, and surrounded in my PR work-life by a bunch of suits. You guys have built a community in which I get to proffesionaly participate with a bunch of great guys and gals in a very sincere and genuine way. I get to be my hairy old self, wearing Hawaiian shirts and baring my belly ('Course you probably could have done without that), and I don't have to put on some baloney artificial persona as I work. Thank you VERY much for that. I can say I've enjoyed every minute working the field shoulder to shoulder with MOTs and enthusiasts alike, helping to build this community that we all so love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    OK, feel free to lavish praise. But I'm most interested in the specific things we've done to help you, and how we could keep making them better.
  2. episiarch Contributor
    Thank you, Jamey, for hunting around to find that very last HeadRoom Switchbox for me when you thought they were probably all gone! That switchbox is the center of my home rig now, and I'd be much worse off without it.

    Thank you, HeadRoom, for introducing me to Etys. And for the Micro DAC, center of my office rig. And for the many cables, accessories and whatnot I've bought from you over the years. And for those little Cardas mini-mini cables which would still sound sweet at several times the price.
  3. Hardwired Contributor
    Thanks Headroom for the extensive line of support accessories you make for your products. One of the main reasons I went with the Micro Amp as my portable amp was because of the Micro Strap with the player lounge on top and the custom bag it all fits into. I also got a headphone bag to transport my cans to and from work every day, and an extra amp power supply to leave at work. Plus a Micro Stack bag to carry both the amp and DAC when I travel with a laptop.

    IMO, having a portable amp is only part of the solution. How convenient it is to carry and use is the other half and that's where Headroom excels in addition to their great products.
  4. feh1325
    thank you, headroom, for making my favorite piece of audio equipment, my bithead.

    there is no other product that provides a quality amp and DAC in a small, USB powered package. i use my bithead at least 2-3 hours a day and it really brings clarity and life to my music.
  5. n_maher Contributor
    To the Headroom Crew:

    Thanks for the introduction to highend headphones. I stumbled across your site some 4 years ago when I was looking to purchase ER-4P's. It's been a long strange trip since then to where I am now. [​IMG]

    Your company is a model that others would do well to copy.
  6. Salt Peanuts Contributor
    HeadRoom, thank you, amongst many other things, for coming to meets, bringing amps and headphones that many of us would otherwise have no opportunities to experience.

    Oh, and thank you for those stickers, too. [​IMG]
  7. goldenratiophi
    Thanks for introducing me to Head-fi and helping me decide on my first pair of phones! [​IMG]
  8. joneeboi Contributor
    Thank you, HeadRoom, for carrying such a wide selection of headphones. Whenever I need to know a price on any headphone, I hit up www.headphone.com.

    The reason I even found HeadRoom was because I just typed in headphone.com and out popped this amazing website. This was almost 1 year ago. Then I bought the SR60 from HeadRoom; the gateway can. The rest of the story is too long to tell. You rolled my snowball down a headphone- and headamp-covered hill.
  9. Assorted
    Thank you HeadRoom for offering a fine selection of specialized headphone bags and a wonderful amp called the Total Airhead at such a low price.
  10. RickB
    Thank you, Headroom, for being the source of my Grado SR-60, my first introduction to good-sounding headphones a few years ago.

  11. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Got the yard raked, now I get to go on a date with the Mrs.

    But I though I should agree with the SR60 being a great intro can. Here's a row off our sales summary for the last 5 years on our web site.

    Grado SR 60 002-009-0060 5383 $69.00 $367,928.70

    We've sold 5383 of them over the last five years; I guess I should give a big thanks and shout out to John Grado for making such a great headphone for the noobs. Heck, it's a great little can for anybody. Thanks, John!
  12. jjhatfield

    Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    We've sold 5383 of them over the last five years; I guess I should give a big thanks and shout out to John Grado for making such a great headphone for the noobs. Heck, it's a great little can for anybody. Thanks, John!

    Son of a DOG, that is a lot of Grados!! [​IMG]

    I'd like to thank Headroom for the sweet SR225s I bought this past Christmas. Half a year later and the SR225s are long gone, and in their place is an HP-2 and an RS-1. Sure, I owned the SR60 before, but it didn't give me the Grado Faith: the SR225 did.

    Also thanks to Tyll for being an active part of and such a proponent for this quirky subculture of the greater audiophilia community. There is something to be said for communicating clearly through the written word, and Tyll has always done that well, and with no small sense of humor to boot. [​IMG] Thanks dude.

    I'd also like to thank Tyll for the free Headroom Balanced Desktop with Home Module, Stepped Attenuator, Home Balanced DAC, and DPS that he is sending me this week in payment for what I said in the preceding paragraph. I can't wait to hear it. BTW it would be great if you could send that 2 day so I can definitely get it before the weekend. Ground can be flaky sometimes. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Bigguy
    Wow! I was really scared by the title of this thread started by you Tyll. I was afraid it was going to end with something like you were leaving Headroom. I would like to add my thanks to all at Headroom. I only found out about Head-Fi and Headroom a month before the Headfest this past april. It was a joy to meet you Tyll and your assistant there. Since then I have purchased a Total Bithead which is currently afixed to my laptop and sometimes to my D2 DMP. I ordered the TB on the phone and the gentleman that helped me was great and the delivery was fast and it was on sale to boot. I only wished that you could include one of the stickers with the package. Keep up the great work and never stop wearing the Hawaiian shirts. [​IMG]
  14. Jamey Warren Contributor
    Thank You Tyll for giving me a job where I can be myself. Thank You for creating a job where my mission is to put smiles on peoples faces by giving them sweet sounding music. Thank You for all of the business and e-commerce knowledge I have gained and the ability to apply it to my own ventures.

    Thanks for letting me try to make products that I want and filling my desk with them.

    Thanks for the Amphion Ion's that you're going to give me.[​IMG]
  15. flecom Contributor
    well, i want to thank you for your great customer service... i ordered a pair of open-box E3c's for my girlfriend as a gift for x-mas (money was short last year)... i ordered it on the wednesday before the holiday weekend with 2 day air... when i recieved them i got a pair of E3g's with someone elses invoice! (eek!)... when i called i offered to send them back (i really didnt want to) and the CSR put me on hold... when he came back he told me not to worry i could hold on to them, i offered to pay the difference, and he told me not to worry about it... needless to say my girlfriend enjoys her e3g's (that match her black ipod) every time she goes jogging or to the gym...

    i also want to thank tyll for being such a cool guy to talk to about all this crazyness at the south florida meet... and letting me play with the balanced desktop prototype and post my impressions... [​IMG]

    i only wish i could work designing products for such great people, but i like miami too much anyway [​IMG]
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