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  1. Blueshound24

    I would. If it had the sound signature I wanted/craved, whatever it takes to get there, I'm game for it. I've never been one to worry about looks when it comes to sound. I have emailed Eric a few times and he says the PMD would be the ideal speaker for extreme nearfield and the one review is from a recording studio where I think they have them in the extreme nearfield as well. Initially I was considering the Impact Monitor but Eric suggested the PMD. The PMD is about as tall as my LS50 on the IsoAcoustic stand, so it's about the same height, albeit a bit wider...

    Eric also said, “I do have a smaller 5.5" MTM version version in the works right now. This speaker will be 20.5" tall x 8" wide x 10.25" deep. They will be about $1500 per pair”.

    This may even be better for my situation, and I hope to hear more about it.

    How tall of stands are you looking for?
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  2. Music Alchemist
    It's certainly something you can do. I didn't mean to imply that you can't or shouldn't.

    I'm not looking for extreme nearfield myself. I get much better sound with the speakers spread further apart like you would do with a floorstanding speaker system. (Though I am using towers in a bedroom that are fairly close to me.)

    Floor stands that would put the speakers at ear level from my listening chair, so at least a few feet. And I would want the best stands that provide a high degree of resonance control / isolation; not cheap ones that often come with affordable studio monitor packages.
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  3. Blueshound24
    Agreed. I wish I could separate mine more and get some space behind them and the front wall, because any speaker will sound better that way. For convenience I moved out of my dedicated sound room some time ago to concentrate on getting the best sound possible within my means, on my desktop.
  4. Canadian411
    Depends on your budget but Sonus Faber stands are really good looking IMO.
  5. Canadian411
    Ya I read that, not sure I will still pick Ulfberht over Focal Spora No 2, which are pretty much the same price and the article says Focal is a notch better if I understood correctly, just not as efficient/sensitive as Ulfberht speakers.

    Beside, Focal speakers looks way better and finishes are exceptional. Nothing against Tekton Ulfberht , but looks like DIY speaker to me, if it was $5000 oh yes, no question asked, I will buy. :)
  6. Music Alchemist
    I don't mind the $400 price as long as it's the best at that price. But are we sure it would be ideal for the larger Tekton monitor?

    My priority is how well it isolates the sound, so looks aren't so important here. I may end up putting higher-end isolation feet under them, so stands that support that are preferable.

    Adjustable height is also a plus.

    $14K and $12K are not pretty much the same price in my book.

    No, he said: "Their French industrial design is a notch or two above the monstrous Tektons." This just means they have nicer aesthetics / build quality.

    Phrases like the ones quoted below lead me to believe that he regards the Ulfberht as the best speaker he has heard.

    "the most spectacular macro-dynamics I've ever heard in my system"
    "the best I have ever heard piano portrayed on a system"
    "the most transparent and incredibly resolving transducer I have ever had in my system"
    "After listening to scores of transducers, two speakers stand out for me because of their special performance: the $45,000/pair TAD Compact Reference 1 and the $58,000/pair Magico S7. I would put the Ulfberht's performance on the same level as these speakers in terms of macro-dynamics, total transparency/musical details, and overall musicality."

    He didn't say anything about the sound of the Focal being better. "Smooth as silk" (the only thing he described about its sound) seems like a more colored sound to me, and Tekton's philosophy is that beryllium is inferior:

    "Important Note: did you know sound waves travel through beryllium over 37 times faster than sound waves travel through air?! Talk about a mismatch and a serious conflict of musical interests! Sounds travel through pulps and textiles at or less than the speed of sound through air so air always wins the race over the transverse propagation of the vibrations through the cone. In my opinion, beryllium pistons are a giant no-no as the vibrating source of your sound.

    For example: in a beryllium-based acoustic device, the vibrations travel through the beryllium transversely and internally from the voice coil source to the outer cone edge 37 times faster than the sound can radiate from the inner-center of the cone to the outer edge of the cone through the air. Anyone care to listen to a solid beryllium or magnesium violin? Highly doubtful."

    Aesthetics are very subjective, so fair enough. (I think the Ulfberht looks cooler, personally.)

    There are much more affordable Tekton speakers, from under $1K to over $6K, though I don't know if you were looking for ones lower in performance than the flagship.
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  7. bfreedma
    Given that the Beryllium dome is less than 100 microns thick, propagation speed it isn't an issue. And if it was, it would be simple enough to deal with. The quotes from the Tekton site are pure marketing - notice no actual examples or mathematical simulations are posted after those claims? IMO, Tekton believes beryllium is inferior because for a small company, they would have to purchase OEM Be drivers - an in house manufacturing of Be tweeters isn't realistic for a smaller company.

    As to Focal vs. Tekton, at least Focal provides front grills with the purchase. Unless things have changed greatly at Tekton, getting grills is somewhere between problematic and impossible. This may not be significant to some, but something to be aware of. The Tekton is also significantly larger at over 6' tall than the under 4' Sopra 2. You're going to need a substantial space to properly set up either, but a much larger area for the Tektons. That may not matter to some, but I suspect it would be difficult to get the Ulfberht to perform well in a med/small room.

    What sounds better will be purely subjective - anyone considering investing in this level of speaker should audition them. I'm sure both brands will have fans of their presentation.
  8. Canadian411
    WHAT ! there is no grill for Tekton speakers ? What in the world .... !

    And beside the Beryllium, it isn't the only way to achieve the tweeter, folded ribbons are really great if you have the right angle of listening position.
    Also maybe I am the only one but Martin Logans Eletrostatic speakers (15,13, classic x) are really good speakers with the built in subs, really love the sounds of these.

    So many too audition haha, just have to take a chance :)
  9. Music Alchemist
    Most of them can be ordered with grills from their website. If you wanted grills on the Ulfberht, you may need to contact Eric in advance and arrange it, as @333jeffery did.
  10. bfreedma
    In the past, ordering grills from Tekton and actually receiving them has been an issue.
  11. Music Alchemist
    I am aware that it can increase the wait period. (Though I'm sure he would be willing to ship the speakers beforehand if they were ordered with the grill option.)

    For what it's worth, at least these ones are in stock: http://www.tektondesign.com/specials.html
  12. rlkeel0

    This. Received my speakers in August. Received my grills in December. After multiple emails and at least 4 phone calls. And they don’t fit correctly as the bottom sides of the frame sit against the metal woofer ring, not flush against the cabinet. Speakers sound good though.

    Edit: and mine were listed as in stock when I bought them.
  13. Music Alchemist
    Well, that sucks. I don't usually use the grills on my current speakers anyway. Trying to think of the circumstances in which I would definitely want grills on the Ulfberht... By that point in my life I would have a dedicated room for it, so any pets etc. wouldn't be allowed there.
  14. rlkeel0
    Agree. I’d rather not use the grills on anything. But I have a small dog and 3 teenagers so I’m a bit paranoid.
  15. Music Alchemist
    Yeah, grills are pretty much essential in that situation. I hope they become less of a hassle to acquire for future customers.
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