Tekton Design Speakers

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  1. Benny-x
    Read mine. The "ways" has nothing to do with the number of types of drivers, it has to do with the wiring of the crossover(s). You can wire 1 type of driver an infinite number of ways to achieve whatever goal you/the design is shooting for.

    Here, it is true. The Tekton DI and Ulfbhert lines wire a collection of tweeters to function as a mid "driver" and then wire some other tweeters to function as highs/ultra-tweeter. I'm not crystal clear on the internals, but the tweeters and the tweeter array is where the additional "way" beyond the driver count is happening.

    Make sense?
  2. Music Alchemist
    It makes sense now. It's just that the way you listed them seemed like a rule rather than examples.

    I guess I will eventually ask Eric which high frequency drivers are wired to do what, since they look the same.
  3. Benny-x
    I did say "ultra simplified" and "feel free to add more"...

    Actually, Eric already has the idea of the info on his website, it's what you see as "design defect" or whatever about all other speakers being inadequate until now. His whole patent thing.

    If you read the extremely long Double Impact thread on Audiogon, it has more real specifics about the tweeter array being wired (via the crossover) to function as a distributed mass mid-driver.

    I've called Eric before, and emailed, and I would wager that the Audiogon thread is be more informative and direct than a call to Eric. The thread includes owners, reviewers, and speaker designers, so there's a lot of great stuff there.
  4. Music Alchemist
    I've read the pages there about the technology...but it seems to be far more complex than the topic we are discussing here. The main points, as I interpret it, are related to how the moving mass of most speakers is too high, and that sound travels too quickly through conventional metal materials compared to how quickly it moves through air. It seems to imply that his technology gives you the proper moving mass and speed that would be closer to the sound coming from the original instruments. But there isn't much information provided to go on, so I dunno...

    If it's 4-way, wouldn't that high frequency array have some of them assigned to handle the mids and the rest assigned to treble? (The way you worded it makes it seem like it's just mids.)

    I've read some of the threads on other sites, but they're quite long, so I've just scratched the surface.
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  5. Benny-x
    It's exactly as you said, some of the tweeters function as highs/super-highs, some as mids.

    In my understanding, which is only gathered, not fact, the tweeters that form the perimeter of the circle/hexagon are the mid drivers and the centre tweeters are the highs.
  6. Canadian411
    Beautiful color !
  7. Music Alchemist
    Another thing I'm wondering about is the "pulps and textiles" in the drivers that Eric talks about, especially since most of them seem to be sourced from other manufacturers.

    So you don't like the look but you like the color? :smile_cat:

    Personally, I like the Tekton look. I tend to favor black myself, but that blue is certainly eye-catching.

    Given Tekton's stellar reputation of outperforming speakers many times the price, I'd much rather have that basic box shape than, say, a seashell design that costs $60K.

    Fun fact: Those two models only have black, white, red, and grey as the default options on the website. If you wanted other colors, you'd have to call and arrange them, potentially paying extra.

    The Ulfberht (along with most of the other models) has a soft gloss finish whereas the PMD Studio Monitor has high gloss.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
  8. Canadian411
    Ya very confusing uh ? haha, I love that blue color, it's eye catching indeed. :)
    I might order the PMD monitors and if I like I will go with the full tower.
  9. Music Alchemist
    Oh, you mean the $12K Ulfberht? (Rather than, for example, the $3K Double Impact.)
  10. Canadian411
    I mean, PMD monitor for $2k but I am not sure if I will spend $12k on Tekton company, debating to get Sonus Faber Olympica III or Focal Sopra No 2.
  11. Music Alchemist
    I was just curious what you meant by "the full tower" since that seemed to imply buying Tekton floorstanding speakers.

    If you haven't read this, you may want to. It says the Ulfberht is on the same level as the $58K Magico S7 and so on. That Focal is also mentioned.

  12. Blueshound24
    I am very curious/interested in those PMD as well. If they are half as good as all the hype I may replace my LS50 for my nearfield setup.
  13. Music Alchemist
    I'd love to see more impressions for them even though I've already decided I want them.

    If anyone has ideas for the best speaker stands, share away!

    ...Pretty bummed out I didn't know about Tekton earlier this year, 'cause I blew through over $5K on other things and have to work my way up again before I can buy them...
  14. Blueshound24

    I use the IsoAcoustic stands for my desktop and they are very well regarded.
  15. Music Alchemist
    Oh, I meant full-size professional-grade stands.

    By the way, the PMD Studio Monitor is 21.5" tall. Not exactly something I'd put on a desktop.

    But I've used full-room positions either way, with full-size stands, both of which significantly improve the sound. (My old monitors were placed roughly the same distance away as my current towers.)


    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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