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Tea or Coffee ?

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  1. Tomcat Contributor
    "Italian espresso is a distant 2nd... "

    Apheared, are you sure? Distant? Maybe you system needs some upgrading? You know, I am personally thinking about a rotary pump machine, a professional plumbed-in Bezzera with 5 liter boiler. There are limits using a Livia 90 with vibration pump (as I currently do). A nice double boiler machine would be even better, of course. But those La Marzoccos are even more expensive than a Holmes Powell. And you could always improve on your La Marzocco with Schomer modifications for almost perfect thermal stability. I would trust them to work - his tamper is great.

    Or maybe you have a grinder problem? A Mazzer Mini did miracles for me.

    Apheared, there is one irrefutable certainty about caffè espresso and hi-fi gear: You can always upgrade. And if you don't like your espresso, man, you just have to. [​IMG]

    Uh, yes, my vote is for coffee. I kinda like it Italian style.
  2. KR... Contributor

    KR... only has had a computer for a few years, TMCM is new to him [​IMG]

    Not really, I'm an old school comic fan, so I knew about him from that. But, I just found that website about a few years ago. I just figured that most here had no clue who or what it was.

    I drink way too much coffee [​IMG]

    now where's that coffee smiley???? [​IMG]

    EDIT : Here it is ---> [​IMG]
  3. lini Contributor
    I like hot chocolate, tea and coffee - tea either with only sugar or sugar & milk or sugar & lemon or even with some sugar & red wine depending on the tea (darjeeling, assam, earl grey, fruit teas...) and the situation; and coffee generally with quite a lot of milk and sugar - I especially like Italian latte macchiato and Austrian coffee from Meinl. German coffees tend to have a sour taste in my opinion, whereas Austrian blends usually have a mild taste that I enjoy. And I also like greek coffee/turkish mokka without extras (usually there's already a little sugar in it). And sometimes I also make a mixture of coffee and hot chocolate for myself at home...

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini
  4. skippy
    coffee. strong, black, and bitter.
  5. Deuce_Bigalow
    I can only stand coffee when I got so much sugar and cream in it that it starts to taste chocolatey. I ask for it triple triple, then I ask for a few extra creams then I dump more sugar in and then more sugar. Otherwise I go to Tim Hortons and get a Cafe Mocha. Lately I've been sticking with Iced Cappucinos for the summer though.
  6. Redwoood
    Personally, I find the hot chocolate at Timmy's surprisingly enjoyable. But I don't think their coffe is really good.

    If we're talking about their muffins, cookies, bagels however, things are different.... <yummy> [​IMG]
  7. dhwilkin Contributor
    I don't like black coffee, gotta be some milk/cream in there. And it has to be sweetened, unless of course I'm also eating cheesecake at the time. Mmm, cheesecake...

    Hot chocolate is OK, but I really like a half coffee / half hot chocolate drink. Maybe put a little cinnamon and whipped cream in there, yummy!

    As for hot tea, I personally can't stand the stuff. Same goes for unsweetened tea. However, I don't think I could survive w/o my sweet Southern iced tea! I drink far more of that than coffee or hot chocolate. [​IMG]
  8. coolvij
    Tea all the way - i get REALLY high on coffee - well, strong black coffee, the stuff my dad drinks.

    Whereas - tea, i can actually enjoy, without my pulse soaring...
  9. joelongwood Moderator

    i get REALLY high on coffee

    I drink about a half dozen double espressos, either straight or in cappucino, daily. I use my trusty la Pavoni stainless steel pump handle espresso maker......makes great espresso. I have never felt the need to upgrade, but this thread has me wondering.........[​IMG]
    BTW, What's the story with decaf? Kinda pointless as far as I can tell.
  10. coolvij
    lol! joelongwood - that is just too funny....
  11. Duncan Moderator
    lol... I'm gonna HAVE to become a Dental Hygenist...

    All you people here with coffee stained teeth... I'd make $1,000s!!

    I, myself drink either water, or alcohol... don't do hot drinks [​IMG]
  12. Redwoood
    A Briton who doesn't like tea...

    Wow, that's kinda scary... [​IMG]
  13. dhwilkin Contributor
    Hmm, but he does like alcohol... I predict he would love a Long Island Iced Tea! [​IMG]
  14. Redwoood
    I know an Australian (!) engineer (!!) who doesn't like beer.

    So there are scarier things in this world... [​IMG]
  15. fiddler
    I can't live without coffee.. If i don't have my morning coffee I go nuts.. NUTS I TELL YA!

    I probably have at least 2 cups a day.. which can't be too good for the health.. I'm 16 now, and i suspect the caffeine IS stunting my growth.. I really haven't grown that much this year... I'm a tad worried...

    Can somebody confirm whether coffee really does stunt growth or not?

    BTW I like my coffee black.
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