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Tea or Coffee ?

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  1. Redwoood
    Hi there!

    I'm bored and I should be studying for my last exam tomorrow... but I don't really care, so enjoyin a hot cup of tea I was wondering: why not posting a poll (I've never done that)

    So here we GO...

    Do you like coffee or do you prefer tea?
  2. neil
    I prefer tea because I think its better for me, but with the Bunn brewing fresh coffee all day over at our office, coffee reigns supreme. Man, a new poll almost has to be included just for coffee preferences.. cream, sugar, cream/sugar, black, flavored, standard.. myself.. cream. Just cream (half/half, of course).
  3. Redwoood

    Well, I am addicted to tea.
    During exam time I drink about 6 - 8 cups a day.
    (Please consider it's well over 30 degrees here, or
    90 Farenheit for you Americans)

    I am certain, it's more healthy than coffee, and
    it doesn't make you thirsty as coffee does.

    And it tastes much better of course [​IMG]

    But to answer your poll, when I drink coffee I prefer it
    ( Hmm, I could add a second poll for the tea question, black, with sugar, how much, milk, cream, lemmon, what tea.... )


  4. chych
    Tea just tastes better, much much better... Thats all, really.

    Ok, Coffee tastes like... like, taking some garbage out of the bin, liquifying it, and drinking it... it is that bad! I don't know how you people drink that poison!
  5. thomas
    coffee contains more caffene than tea, that's all that matters to me... and it tastes better too
  6. Phlosopher
    for the best teas go to www.harney.com


    Their dragon pearl jasmine is very nice, along with their fanciest formosa oolong [​IMG]
  7. Apheared
  8. Redwoood
    For some reason I've expected that from you, Apheared [​IMG]

    Doesn't your soldering iron shake after the 4th coffee?[​IMG]



  9. KR... Contributor
    coffee and lots of it!!!
  10. ian
    I wouldn't have made it this far without coffee. And its gotta be black (and hey, its easy that way).
    Actually, yesterday I suffered a concussion (I got hit with a shovel while I was doing some yard work - it was an accident though). The doctor says I can't have any caffiene for AT LEAST a week. What am I supposed to do? I'm already going through the shakes. Add to that the sickness and dizziness from getting hit in the head, and I'm a mess. I'm going to treat myself and buy something cool at Fry's tommorow.
  11. KR... Contributor
    oh, all you coffee lovers must check this out http://www.tmcm.com

    At last, a superhero for us!!![​IMG]
  12. Apheared
    Red, no, you don't understand... I'm serious when I say that's the biggest understatement you've ever seen.

    I challenge anyone to show more coffee knowledge than me... You'd have to be insane and manic and obsessive compulsive. and that's just to be equal. [​IMG] Just working in the industry for 30 years might help, but I doubt it. To me, it's a religion. and I'm a good little prophet - I quote the scripture daily. I can prepare coffee in every manner ever created and a few that others would never try - from yesterday to the beginning of the mighty beverage a thousand years ago. It's safe to say I'm a COFFEE GEEK. *the* coffee geek? heh no but a pretty big one.

    Ask anyone here who knows me; I own thousands of dollars in prep gear; espresso machines, brewers, grinders, roasters... there's 5 kinds of beans here at any given time, there's coffee table books, historical stuff that doesn't even work but looks cool, the works. I spend more in coffee a month than some families spend on food.

    Coffee is life itself. Challenge that opinion and I'll kill you to prove the point. hehahehae [​IMG]

    You wanted a background on Apheared? What does Apheared do when he's not blowing stuff up with those uber-amps? This. This is what he does.
  13. Redwoood
    I don't think that would be necessary. Your posting makes a pretty strong point as it is. [​IMG]

    BTW: Do you like cardamon?


  14. Apheared
    Damn man, what are you doing, reading all my emails? Gotta fix that. Yes, turkish/arabic/bedouin/whatever you want to call it... so of course I like cardamom... 1500s egyptian style with cardamom and cloves is my FAVORITE way in all the world and timeline to drink coffee. Italian espresso is a distant 2nd... and a vacuum pot or french press (fresh roasted) hawaiian kona is 3rd. After that, many other things... generic percolated diner coffee is somewhere down around #219... 7-11 and dunkin donuts are off the chart on the floor somewhere...

    If you have arabic or indian stores near you, you can buy cardamom pods there... otherwise it's kinda hard to get for westerners... there's also speciality shops that cater to turkish coffee lovers like (plug) natasha's cafe... they carry many of the middle eastern coffees, even their own blends.

    But enough about me; we all knew I was insane before, and we all knew I was a coffee drinker before... so c'mon, vote your beverages and wax poetic about why... we suggest phones and amps and music to one another, why not beverages? [​IMG]
  15. neil
    Son of a juan valdez -- you sure are into coffee. What type of coffee maker do you use for normal day-to-day Apheared? ***, I think its time that we launch Coffee-Fi.org and let you head it up. Check out Specialty Coffee Association of America. I heard one of the guys from SCAA on the The Todd Mundt Show a little while back.. very interesting stuff.

    Surely, this image will change throughout the future, but right now, this really makes me want to have a nice cup o' josephina..

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