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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. thrgk
    Anyone know if the oxygen are larger than the CA Andromeda?
  2. thesheik137
    Much smaller. Oxygen sits flush in my smallish ear. I believe people with larger ears/canals have commented on the bores not being long enough, but I have not experienced any such issue. The fit is great with the Oxygen.
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  3. thrgk
    Ah cool, so I would be better off with the oxygen if I want something smaller? I have the Ikko oh1 now but not super impressed though I just use my work computer or my fiio m6 dap.

    Thanks !
  4. 1clearhead
    +1 Yup!...Oxygen is smaller.:thumbsup:
  5. thrgk
    Anyone compare it to the Ikko Oh1? I listen to amazon HD music so not sure if oxygen is worth the upgrade.

  6. expatriot
    Can anyone compare the Oxygen's nozzle length and thickness to the Fiio FH5? My FH5 fit me good with spinfits and photos show the Oxygen nozzle looks about the same?
  7. Ahmad313
    I think it is Oxygen MK ll global version ,
    FB_IMG_1570767975337.jpg FB_IMG_1570767981903.jpg FB_IMG_1570767987792.jpg FB_IMG_1570767992995.jpg
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  8. Markolav
    I have listened my friends Ikko occasionally. I havent done direct comparison but I can still tell that they are quite different sounding, in a nutshell Ikko is bassier and warmer sounding (more "fun"), Oxygen has a bit cooler tonality and sounds more neutral/balanced and resolving. Ikko is good but Oxygen wins hands down in technical performance in every way and it should considering the price difference.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  9. hsnabn

    Do any of you own the Flare 2HD Pro and the Oxygen? Or have tried both? Anyone can tell me a comparison? Looking to lock on a new pair for my next upgrade.

    Would it be worth waiting for the next Oxygen Mk II?

    I think I'd prefer Oxygen over the Final E5000 (which I tried briefly).

    I currently own only Shure SE215.

  10. jaker782
    I have owned both, however not at the same time so take my sound comparison with a grain of salt... Overall, I would say the Flare's are a very detailed, yet relatively smooth sounding, iem with a neutral tuning. They have pretty good bass, mids that are neither forward or recessed, and highs that have good extension with a lot of details without really any fatigue. The Oxygen are actually quite similar sounding. Bass response is on par with the Flare's from my memory, with the mids sounding very clear, but a bit fuller, especially with male vocals. Highs are detailed and well done, although they are smoother and a bit rolled off in comparison to the Flare's. The tonality leans slightly dark on the Oxygen's, at least when compared to the Flare's. I think the staging is a bit larger with more space between instruments on the Flare's. It is a tough call, but overall I think I prefer the Oxygen just because I think they do male vocal rock music a bit better. Both iems are very natural sounding to my ears and in the top tier of dynamics, especially for the asking prices! When it comes to fit and comfort, I have to say that the Flare's are the clear winner. While I was able to get a good seal with some aftermarket tips on the Oxygen, I needed to use larger tips than usual due to the shallow fit. The Flare's are very small and disappear in your ears. They are far less finicky to get a good seal. I sold my Flare's and still own a pair of Oxygen's. I hope this helps!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  11. hsnabn
    Thank you very much, that is extremely helpful!

    I think I am going to wait for Oxygen Mk II and buy those. I appreciate Oxygen having detachable cable (whereas the Flares detach at the v-split and not the IEM itself). This is important to me because I have had issues with cables breaking a few times and I need them to be absolutely replaceable.
    And I do think I lean toward a bit darker sound (going by SE215 tonality).
    The other things Flare does have is the BT module I suppose, which is nice but I am willing to forgo.

    Hopefully the Mk II Oxygen comes soon! I'll save up for it till then.
  12. Ahmad313
    hmmm looks like the cat really enjoying the Oxygen and yes this time the nozzle is long enough to get a good seal ,
    FB_IMG_1570992277554.jpg FB_IMG_1570992284089.jpg
  13. Markolav
    Wireless version confirmed? :p
  14. Ahmad313
    Actually that is a BT cable cab be used with the iem and as i had read somewhere that the cable will be included in the package but it is not confirmed yet ,
  15. warriorpoet
    I am so excited about that longer nozzle...

    ...but even more excited about the CIEM :wink: :D
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