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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. FastAndClean
    he wants big soundstage, Etymotic will not give him that
  2. DynamicEars
    you will need sony EX600
  3. Makahl
    Lol. Have you tried cutting some dBs off at bass using your FiiO E17K?

    Also if you're willing to do a small mod it really tames the extra energy at the bass region. Here's the full mod by james444 (the part1): https://www.head-fi.org/threads/jvc-ha-fx850-iem-woody.703874/page-28#post_11162329

    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  4. gc335
  5. FactoryStock
    Right, I'll give the mod a shot.

    I tried lowering down the bass to -4 and the subbass calmed down a more polite volume. However, the magic warmth in the mids, as well as the texture of bass guitars also disappeared along with it, since tone controls affect the entire range between 20Hz-1kHz. The issue I have here is just that sub-bass kicky-ness, so a more apt "correction" would be to reduce that bump with a narrow Q-factor.

    However if I do that, it will only work for my music and not video as well. So my intention for tone controls is not for correction, but for the occasional touch of flavouring. I'n not a permanent bass/mid/treble-head, just occasional. My 'base' preference is still flat+warm-ish+out of head sound.

    Know what sounds perfect on these Oxygens? Acoustic & acapella. Just one vocalist plus one acoustic guitar, is awesome.

    Side note, I don't know what preference you guys have, but if these still don't kick enough, you can try Symbio Mandarin small bore. I did, and man...the thumps and kicks are migraine-inducing! If you're into that kind of sound...

    I'll see if Comply foam helps my case. I usually turn to complys to roll off the lowest of sub-bass and add more mids warmth & upper bass.

    By the way, have you guys noticed how the "warmth" seem to run out of steam from the upper mids onwards? As though the treble portion is from a separate driver tuned differently, thinner than the bass and mids portion. Like the treble does not share the thickness of bass and mids. To my ears, treble sounds 'accurate' and neutral, but bass and mids are warm. There is a slight bit of...incoherence, I think.
  6. Donatello91
    These IEMs looks really nice. I wonder if they're more warm than bright? I've encountered quite a few metallic housing IEMs that sounded ridiculously bright ad thin
  7. Markolav
    They have warm-ish tint imo. Treble is on a rather polite level but ive noticed that in certain tracks in certain genres it can get little "hot" sounding but its not anything major and doesnt bother me in lower listening levels.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
  8. Jeb94
    finally my oxygen arrived gonna compare to FH5 tomorrow

    (also to my friend's A8)

    lets see how this boi stacked up against those iem.
  9. Nabillion_786
    Really looking forward to the comparisons
  10. Jeb94
    well, im not gonna be super technical about it since its not really a deep analysis between them.

    A8 v O2 v FH5



    obviously, while A8 have a pretty good bass for BA its not on the level of DD. FH5 have a more elevated bass. but O2 is faster and tighter. over all technical wise i think O2 is superior



    depends on what u want, but A8 is more superior. FH5 sounds more exciting and the female vocals feels more alive and fuller. while O2 fall short in female vocal department. O2 is more warm sounding while FH5 is brigther (FH5 not bright)



    ok this is kinda hard, o2 is a dark iem. their treble is not as well extended as FH5. FH5 sounds exciting and fun while O2 i feel is more boring. no sibilance at all for me while FH5 sometimes gets abit shouty at high freq. IMO technical wise its pretty similar just different in sound signature.



    A8 is wider and have more depth.

    o2 is a little bit wider than FH5 but not by significant margin


    A8 > O2=FH5

    A8 is superior in imaging while o2 and fh5 is average/above average for iem



    A8 still a far away front runner in this, FH5 have more details but not by significant margins (prolly cuz the BA i never heared a super detailed DD beside xelento and ex1k)


    A8 is the superior in almost everyway. i can deal with the inferior bass for a significant improvement in other areas.

    FH5 and O2 are about the same level in technicalities, FH5 is more fun and bright than O2. O2 more dark and neutral. more to your taste, so at the end of the day u better try it first and see which one u like.

    can't go wrong with either but A8 is deffo a significant upgrade.
  11. redrol
    The only thing I want to add do your post is the A8 bass can be EQ'd a LOT. Also balanced cables with high output makes a fairly large difference overall. I can get bass on the A8 very very deep and heavy slam. Out of box, it is polite.
  12. Jeb94
    IMO problem with A8 is not that its not there

    it just not as good as DD bass. IMO DD bass on another level.
  13. redrol
    Yeah I'd agree with that. but among all BA sets, its bass is totally awesome. Not lacking in any way.
  14. FactoryStock
    Yeah...pretty much the reason why I can't break away from DD.

    BAs have lightning-quick reflexes, I'll give you that, but they seem hell-bent on punching hard and disappearing in a flash, ninja-vanish style. They don't really want to linger just a tiny bit, and then fade away naturally, lowering in volume as they fade away and finally brake to a halt.

    They have quickness for speed, but they don't have the slowness for organic texture. All they want, is punch vanish punch vanish without even buying us a drink.

    Imagine scrolling and coasting naturally to a halt vs a page that stops scrolling the instant the finger leaves the screen. It feels unfulfilling, doesn't it...

    I have faith that it's just a tuning issue, but I fear it may end up costing us customers too much money.
    CoiL likes this.
  15. Jeb94
    totally, A8 for what it is is really a capable set. i really want to A and B it to CFA andromeda.

    but if i remember, Andro is more detailed and the resolution is better than A8 (not by significant margin) but overall A8 is more pleasant to listen too compared to andro.

    but hey thats another comparison for another day.

    as for the bass, if im not comparing to FH5 and O2 its a totally fine and adequate bass. i won't complain about it.

    nope its not a tuning issue.

    its technology, iirc 64 audio BA is better in this department because they are using different shaped BA (T shaped)

    but anyway, we are not there uet in BA technologies for them to replicate DD bass. because if its a tuning issue there should be atleast 1 that have similar feeling. but so far there is none.

    anyway im not a pro, or one in the knows of things about IEM. it just a little hobby of mine and trying to explore things further. i hope i can compare my O2 to Kanas Pro. maybe soon when one of my friend gets his kanas pro (if he buys it, still on a fence about it).

    if anyone disagree with my impression or want to add things feel free to do so. thats what this forum is about. sharing your thoughts with others :)

    Overall conclusion since i forgot to make one.

    O2 is a really capable IEM for the price, it doesn't punch above its weight (honestly nothing is, if anything usually disappointing IEM just under perform compared to their price). it has a unique sound signature in this price bracket and it does its job really well. compared to the proper competitor it doesn't fall behind.

    i can recommend to others this iem without any regret, BUT here are my complains about this iem:

    1. Packaging is meh for the price, FH5 does it really well tbh even compared to A8 FH5 have a more premium packaging that contributes to a better unbosing experience

    2. The cables, by god. i buy these thing for almost $260. and this is the cable that i got? pretty disappointing if im being super honest.

    3. tips, by god the tips maybe its my isolated incident but god damn nothing fits. thankfully sony hybrid tips (L) fits like a glove for this IEM.

    those 3 are my major complain
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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