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Takstar Hi2050 *First Impressions*

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pro1137, Dec 13, 2012.
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  1. el boricua
    my hi2050's arrived today! and they sound excellent for 36 dollars. it took'em 27 days to get to Puerto Rico. 20160116_182445.jpg
  2. actorlife
    Que bueno. Any sibilance?
  3. el boricua
    nope! I think the highs are sweet, sound very balanced overall, comfortable and sturdy, the only thing that looks cheap is the top of the headband. sound stage not as wide as my 558's, no problem listening for hours. let's see how they fare after a break-in period.
  4. Blurry
    I find the bass on these when playing diablo 3 the explosions bass sound very deflated. Anyone experience the same thing? Aside from that, I am hearing more ambience and stufd i've never heard from my logitech g35 and skullcandy plyr 2. So thumbs up to these cans.
  5. GloriousLettuce
    Just got these today - they are NOT entry level, they're a strong midfi with a very generalist sense of quality to them. It's like "you want headphones? mmmkay these should do it" - and they do everything just fine!
    Especially metal, which is hard for many headphones as they have tweaks and tunings in the mids that make metal sound weird or congested - these sound tight and rich.
    Very cool addition to any setup.
    Buying both Takstar Pro 80 and Takstar TS 167 next month!
    Edit: the sibilence is only with a very small amount of tracks, but it is there. Treble sounds very cool with classical music because of this slight accent.
    Bass sounds substantial for any type of music, unless you're a basshead or prefer a generally stronger bass.
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  6. OneLeggedGIMP

    In response to, "Do these headphones need an Amp?". I used them for about a year without an amp. I felt I had to eq them to get the sound I was looking for without an Amp. When I finally bought a headphone Amp and tried them out. It was a huge difference. I immediately un-eq'ed them and enjoyed the range these headphone's offered. Yes, they can be run without an amp. With an Amp they really open up and go to the next level. The Headphone Amp I am using is a Fiio E09, on low gain. I was using mostly with my PC Realtek ALC892 Soundcard, my Samsung S4 or S6 Phones. Now I use my Amp with all these devices and can't go back.
  7. GloriousLettuce

    I agree, they even need more power than my Fidelio X2 and HD598 for best sound quality. Their bass is actually pretty good when nicely amped.
  8. AT Khan
    Remove-able cable - check.

    Brainwavz Sheepskin Angled Pads - check (Brainwavz Hybrid Pads for alternate use)

    Internal Acoustics Polyfill readjustment - check.

    All mods complete.

    These cans are now audiophile class.
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