System upgrade leaves Stax out in the cold
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Oct 7, 2015
I recently moved my main system from a Rotel receiver to a Primare Integrated amp. I am very happy now with the sound from my speakers; but it leaves my Stax headphones, and all headphones for that matter out in the cold as the Primare has only one set of speaker outputs and no headphone amp. I bought a Topping TP30 MK II and connected it to the Rec Out of the pre-amp and connected my SRD7 to the TP30's speaker terminals and it sounds reasonably good with my SRX Mk3s and SR40s. The problems are that I am looking for more than reasonably good, the volume control on the TP30 is erratic, and it has no balance control. (My ears don't hear the same all the time.)

Does anyone know of a way to integrate a SRD7 into a system like this? And preferably include a headphone jack for my NAD HP50s? With a cost low enough to sneak past my wife?

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