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Super.Fi 5vi for $70, or Klipsch S4i for $100? Better than ADDIEM?

  1. prisoner6
    I need a new pair of IEM for my iPod.
    First are these two better than the ADDIEM?  I have tried those, and they were okay, but not spectacular.
    Second, does the deal on the UE make it a better choice than the Klipsch?  Does the control button work to advance/pause songs on an ipod?
    All help appreciated.
  2. rakfunk12
    I have used the UE before but ended up selling them because I wasn't too impressed with the sound.  On the other hand, I still own the Klipsch and even after all the IEMs I have tried they are still one of my faves because they just make everything so fun to listen to.  I would go with the S4i even though you can get the UE for $70.  However, you can usually find them cheaper than $100 but even if you can't they are still worth it, imo
  3. iMarco
    My vote goes for the Klipsch as well. They have a very good sound quality for this price range.
    Regarding the Klipsch remote, you'll get full compatibility on the iPod Touch 2nd gen, iPod Nano 4th gen, and iPod Classic 120GB (iPhone 3GS and 4 as well). On older iPods, and iPhones, the remote has limited functionality: the mic and the answer/pause/play central button are operational, but the volume up and down buttons are not. This is due to the Apple chip not being compatible with older iPhones and iPods.

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