Suggestions for slim keyboard to use with laptop
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Want to spend big bucks? Razer just came out with their latest slim keyboard. Looks pretty sick to me. I've got a Habu mouse using Razer tech and loving it. And a razer mousepad arriving today, so far been pleased with their products.

It seems to have some advantages for a gamer who may smash keys. Any gamer realizes keyboards are not that fast if you smash many keys fast, response may not even been sent, but with this one apparently resolves that. Do you need to smash many keys really really fast or otherwise have problems known as ghosting? Macros? Haha, who knows maybe I'll get one too. Keybinding and Macros are GODLY.

The wrist rest is detachable so it's not that wide. Go for performance over just pretty looks! They have a cheaper version at $48 but still has that hyperesponse stuff with 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time. I know for my mouse it seems to make a difference, extremely quick and responsive.


Although I personally love laptop keyboards the best, I have a slim logitech and still like the laptop's the best.

Check out this Logitech for $179. Oh yeah! Does not have any clear advantages over a standard keyboard other than being very pretty.


This one apparently was made for Notebook use, very low power usage.


From what I've seen so far though if you need a gaming grade keyboard with that kind of response time, but with a slim design, Razer is the only one. Logitech's and Steel Series are both very bulky.
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On these keyboards running bootcamp, are they equally compatible and functioning in both os'es?
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Originally Posted by iszatso /img/forum/go_quote.gif
On these keyboards running bootcamp, are they equally compatible and functioning in both os'es?

Yes, they are. To OP, the apple keyboard fits the bill. The only issue I have with mine is a slight problem with the Caps Lock Key not working every time I press it. I have to press it quite hard to get it to work. Mines probably just a bit faulty though.
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I actually live in Australia, so that might be an issue. Ok I'm quite set on an apple keyboard now. But now I have to decide whether to get a wired or wireless one and with a numerical keypad or not.

To those with the wireless apple keyboard, is it efficient? How often do the batteries need to be changed? I don't think apple manufacture the wireless keyboard with numerical pad, but i don't think I need the keypad anyway.
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Mine lasts on average about 4-5 months on each set of batteries. I think you are right in that the wireless one doesn't have a numerical keypad, and as you say, you don't need the numerical keypad anyway so it doesn't help with your decision. In favour of the wired one, remember you do get the USB port(s?) on the side of the keyboard, so technically you shouldn't be losing USB ports on your laptop, if thats a concern for you. However, I'm not sure exactly how much power is in those ports on the keyboard. Anyone got any experience?
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I am using some Sanyo eneloop rechargeables on my older (white) Apple bluetooth keyboard. Have to load appr. after some month.
Do you really need a wireless keyboard?
I have turned back to a wired mouse on my iMac some month ago.
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Originally Posted by skitlets /img/forum/go_quote.gif
That keyboard (Logitech Illuminated) is on sale at Newegg for $40 after rebate, free shipping. Dads & Grads Specials: $49.99 160GB ATA-6 Laptop HDD, $149.99 TomTom 4.3” GPS…
It's down at the bottom with the promotion code. Just ordered one today myself.

Yea this is a great deal. I've been waiting for this keyboard forever to drop in price, and when I saw this, I jumped on it right away. Too bad, there's tax in CA AND it's 9% now...
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@rhw- actually now that I think of it, I don't really need a wireless keyboard. What could be the advantages of one though? Less cable clutter? My table is pretty small so I doubt I'll be moving around with it much, perhaps I can type with it in my lap.. I duno.

So I guess wired might be the better option because it's generally cheaper. But if I can find a good price on a wireless one on ebay, I might jump on it anyway
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The advantage of the wireless will be that when the table becomes too full - overload, than you can type from your legs.
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^ Haha that's true! Since my table is so small, maybe getting a wireless keyboard will prove to be quite useful
You've got me convinced.

Now to find an awesome deal on ebay..

So with the the apple wireless keyboard, my laptop will automatically detect the bluetooth signal from the keyboard and it'll be in sync? Is it that simple?
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I havn't tried on a PC.
On a Mac I had to open "bluetooth" and to type a shown code on the keyboard to sync.?.?.?
Else everyone with a bluetooth keyboard nearby could mesh up your work.
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^ Hahaha yes that makes sense. Imagine being in an office with your wireless keyboard then suddenly random writing starts to appear on your work

Thanks for the help rhw, I'm gonna go hunting on ebay now.

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