Suggestions for slim keyboard to use with laptop
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Sep 24, 2008
Hey guys,

I'm currently shopping for a fairly cheap slim, usb keyboard that I can use with my laptop at home. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The width should be about 16cm MAX whereas length is more flexible. I've done some searches on ebay and have only come up with random keyboards that are too big or way too small.

I've posted this same thread in the gear-fi forum but thought there was a higher chance that I'll get responses if I posted here.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out.


EDIT: I love the look of those minimalistic slim mac keyboards, but alas, I don't have a mac!

EDIT2: I just did a quick search and apparently mac keyboards are compatible with PCs? However they're kinda pricey ey..

Ohyeah, I've seen a couple of silicon keyboards on ebay as well, although it looks like they might not be too user friendly. Does anyone have any experience with silicon keyboards?
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Personally, I would recommend one of these if price wasn't too much of an issue: ThinkPad Travel UltraNav USB Keyboard.

Its basically the same keyboards found on ThinkPads, but in an external enclosure. They are probably the best slim keyboards that you'll find, and if you look on eBay you can probably find them for a lower price. They also have a built-in TrackPoint and touch pad so that you don't need an external mouse.
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Personally, I'd recommend ponying up for the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. The thing is tiny and reaally slim. I know you mentioned that they're too pricey, but I got mine on CL for about $50. The keys are extremely comfortable to type on, and the keyboard itself is the exact size of a 13" notebook keyboard. However, they only support Bluetooth so make sure your notebook has Bluetooth built in, or you have a external USB stick.

The silicon ones, in my experience, are very flimsy and hard to type on.
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If you really like Apple keyboards then go for it. I personally love apple keyboards and am looking to get one too, although the price is a bit high. You can look on craigslist or kijiji and find them for good prices, I myself do not really need it but I like it, even though I have a macbook already :p. One tip though the Command key = Windows Key.

As for the silicone keyboard, they are nice since they can be rolled up, spilled on, and are cheap.

Like: Cheap, comfortable to lay wrists on, can be rolled up, easy to clean

Dislike: Uncomfortable to type on, keys need to be pressed somewhat hard (this is a very tedious task if you are a touch typer like myself), the silicone covering the keys come off easily, the quality of the silicone used is very low.

Bottom line: I do not suggest it, get a good higher end keyboard and enjoy it for years instead of going for the very cheap ones which start to sick later on and keys do not work very well later on.
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I currently use an apple keyboard with my windows xp PC at work, and it's definitely compatible enough.
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+1 on the Apple Keyboard.
You hardly find anything slimmer than it...

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Apple keyboards are becoming more and more appealing but I'm still undecided if I'm willing to spend that amount of money. Also, I don't think it'll match with the rest of my stuff on my desk as everything else is silver/black(more black though) haha.

I might go with logicrap, I mean Logitech. What do you guys think of this?

Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard Black - eBay Keyboards, Keyboards, Mice, Input Peripherals, Computers. (end time 25-Jun-09 15:02:21 AEST)

It looks nice and decent enough I guess. I mean, how wrong can can you go with keyboards?
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I have found that the logitech keyboards that have the shortstroke (laptop) keys are the best. The keys never get sticky and they are easier to type on. The DiNovo like the other gentleman recommended. I have the older non bluetooth version that is now about 5 years old, still feels like new.
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could always get one of those light keyboards... (beams a red keyboard onto the desk, you type from there).
I dont like typing on them, but to be honest I do not like typing on flat keyboards either.
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^ I have a feeling I'll never get used to typing on just a table. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I researched DiNovos and they seem to be more expensive than apple keyboards! They are ranging from $150 - $250 AUD on ebay, daymn. Apples are $70AUD new but perhaps I have find a used one cheaper off ebay.

How is typing like on the apple though? It looks as though the keys are so close to the actual keyboard itself, it might be like you're pressing nothing? Are they quiet to use and soft?(say compared to the noisy typing that you get with stock keyboards that come with PCs)
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Originally Posted by olblueyez /img/forum/go_quote.gif,EN

I got that one now for a few months; nice, the illumination really works very good, it looks classy and -if you like short-travel keys- types okay.
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Originally Posted by dura /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I got that one now for a few months; nice, the illumination really works very good, it looks classy and -if you like short-travel keys- types okay.

x2 on the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard; I'm really happy with mine after 1 month.

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