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Sub $1,000 amp for Focal Utopia?

  1. thyname
    This is going to be for a secondary system. Any suggestions for a good amp that works well with the Utopias?

    No need to have a DAC built in.

    And I don’t mind getting it used from here. And for course, the cheaper the better

    Other requirements: need to have balanced Headphones jack, balanced XLR inputs, and preferably fully balanced design.

    Too much to ask for that price?

  2. marcussmj
    Probably a cayin iha-6
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
  4. thyname
  5. pbui44
  6. thyname
  7. pbui44
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    They're operating from behind the Great (Fire)Wall, the cybernetic version of the Iron Curtain, so I'm not surprised a lot of things are backwards over there. Fiio surprisingly isn't but it operates out of HK and the region in Southern China with all the smartphone stuff.
  9. marcussmj
    An OTC tube amp would pair well of course but it's a quite a bit more expensive. IMO the cayin iha-6 gets you there without breaking the bank.
  10. Audiofiend1
    Why not just leave the Lisst tubes in then
  11. thyname
    There are much better solid state amps out there compared with Mjolnir 2 with LISST
  12. Audiofiend1
    IMO, not for the price
  13. marcussmj
    Sure there are, cayin, and AGD makes pretty decent solid state options for less than what the Mjolnir 2 cost.

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