Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Dr. says "No more Headphones".... : (
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Feb 7, 2013
I just watched my brand new Fostex Th-900s  go back to the store where I bought them. Ironically, they were supposed to be my "end game" and I guess they were. My Signature DJs and my Amp are gone too.I've been told in no uncertain terms by the Doctor that my Headphone days are over.
In short, I have permanently screwed my hearing. I apparently have a harmless sounding little thing called "Tinitus". Permanent ringing in the ears. That's what I have and according to the Dr. it's what I will have to live with the rest of my life. There is a high pitched hiss in my ears that never stops and I hear "clicking" noises though the day and night. I can't tell you guys how depressing this is and I hope to God it never happens to  any of you. People have committed suicide over this, and I can certainly understand why. It's enough to drive you insane. 
I debated whether or not to post about this, but decided if I can stop someone else from making the same mistakes I made then It might at least give the situation some meaning. If you have the urge to chime in and tell me what an idiot I am and I should have known better, well, you're preaching to the choir. I screwed myself and I know that. My only defense is that I honestly did not know this could happen. I thought at worst case that loud music may eventually lessen my hearing a bit. I'm quite sure if someone had told me that I'd be living a life of constant torment and that I'd have to give up headphones entierely I would have done things much differently... It doesn't take much to get Tinitus apparently, and the most common way is with Headphones. So word to the wise....I have to live with this the rest of my life but you don't have to... Keep the volume way down. I was told just a tad louder than when you can clearly hear it.
I'm gonna have to leave the Hobby and that's going to leave a big hole in my life. I'll miss talking to you guys. I really expected to be in this Hobby for the rest of my life. I wish things had turned out differently for me.
Please tell your friends about Tinitus if they don't know. It's truly a harsh punishment for what seems like harmless fun. It's very difficult to reconcile once it actually happen to you and the reality sets in. I hope none of you have to suffer these harsh consequences. I would also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to the friends I've made here, and not just disappear. 
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 Sorry to hear. I do hope that a miracle is around the corner.  Thanks for sharing  so that others can learn from you
I have been told beside listen very low to always take frequent breaks, like every 2 hours
Again, I really feel your pain  
Are you able to tolerate speakers? Just can not imagine life without music 
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That's sad news man, it makes us see the importance of take care of our hearing and don't get too excited to the point of turning all the way up the volume. 
You can spend your time on another hobby, if you're really leaving headphones forever. 
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Go to and do a search for tinnitus. About a couple of years ago there was a lot of info, some by doctors. I hope it can help you, I learned to keep my volume down, but did not memorize the curative possibilities because I'm fortunate enough to have avoided it for the most part. Good luck!
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 Sorry to hear. I do hope that a miracle is around the corner.  Thanks for sharing  so that others can learn from you
I have been told beside listen very low to always take frequent breaks, like every 2 hours
Again, I really feel your pain  
Are you able to tolerate speakers? Just can not imagine life without music 

Yes. External speakers are still fine as long as I don't listen too loudly. The Doc told me that once you have Tinitus that it can get worse and you really have to watch it. Sometimes it can get worse all on it's own. It's a pretty rough deal. I'll hope for a miracle too. Thanks for the kind wishes all. 
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I am turning down the volume when I read your thread, take good care and be tough dude!
I am moving to speakers nowadays.
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I'm really sorry to hear all of this. I don't wish this fate on anyone. I've had the bottom line of my signature in there since day one, and I hope people take it to heart. It's more important than any equipment information I may include.
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Just to get myself a clue here, how loud did you listen regularly? I listen at about 5-6/16 clicks on my iPhone 5 using the M100s, and I really don't want to damage my hearing.

Btw, I totally understand where you're coming from. When I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, I had a ringing in my ears that wouldn't let up, and it sucked.

Btw, Swedish scientists found a drug that stops the ringing for about 20 minutes, and in a perfect world (which we sadly do not live in) it would only take a super large douse to make it go away for an extended period of time.
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It actually does go away after a long time(several months), but can be inflamed by binge drinking or different health ailments(colds, flu, ear infections, etc...)   The only time I've heard of it being permanent is when someone has a traumatic brain injury or some kind of blunt force trauma to the head.   One day you'll wake up months from now and not hear it anymore.   Just keep the volume at a comfortable level.
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So sorry about your plight.

I too suffer from tinnitus and my headphone usage is severely limited as a result. My tinnitus is mostly in my left ear and becomes worse when I listen at high volume. So, whenever I do use headphones (mostly at night to not disturb neighbors), I listen at very soft volumes. When I go to concerts, I wear ear plugs.

The tinnitus sometimes become unbearable. At such times, I try to focus on some other thing. The worst thing is to listen to the sound or pay attention to it. It's a vicious cycle. Do a search for TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy). It's one of many technics people try out to help reduce the torment.

I hope you adapt quickly to deal with this.

Best of luck!
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I can definitely appreciate your warning to us all. I immediately turned down my music after reading this thread and I should know better too. I've had temporary tinnitus during chronic sinus infections (1-2 months).
I understand how terrible it can be and I seriously wish that it will subside over time for you.

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Bareyb, that sucks.

I have tinnitus. I've always had tinnitus since as long as I could remember. It actually wasn't until my early teens that I realized not everyone has the same obnoxiously loud ringing in their ears. I suppose I feel fortunate to have always had it and to be used to it, rather than to develop it late.
I don't know if this might be of some slight comfort to you, but just know that I personally am "used" to my tinnitus. Granted, I honestly have no idea what it's like to not have tinnitus, so perhaps I have an advantage in that sense. But, in time I think your brain will adapt to the sound in such a way that you truly will only notice your tinnitus in these two situations: 1) In a dead silent setting 2) If you make a concerted effort to focus on the tinnitus (or when the topic comes up; e.g. this entire thread has me hearing it haha). For me, those are the only times when I notice my tinnitus really, even though mine is extremely loud.
I always keep a fan running in my room at night when sleeping. Any kind of constant background noise helps.
Is there a particular reason you can't listen to headphones anymore - even at low volumes?
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Hello I am sorry to hear of your ailment.  I am like Biscuitz in a way because I have had slight tinnitus for as long as I can remember (I'm 25).  It's not that bad but I can notice it definitely.  I have always worn good earplugs at concerts.  I play in a metal band and have gone to many horribly LOUD metal concerts.  So any time anything is even remotely loud, I put in ear plugs.  But I sometimes have been known to listen to headphone music too loud...
Anyway I would recommend looking into "Ear Candling".  People get a tinnitus type sound when they have ear or sinus infections, and apparently we pretty much all have some sort of crap in there to a certain extent...  Supposedly it will get out not just tones of wax(which it definitely does), but all sorts of bacteria and nasty ***** in there that could be causing some sort of low level infection in your inner ear or sinuses... maybe it would help?  I want to have it done myself soon to get out the wax at the bare minimum...
I wish you the best and hopefully it doesn't get to an unbearable point.
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Hey bayreyb,
don't tell me this happened during the Signature DJ "incident" where you listened to it on a quite high level?

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