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Steps to find your perfect gaming mouse and how I found mine.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by RedVelvetLuna, Mar 31, 2018.
  1. RedVelvetLuna
    I may format this post better at a later time, but for now I will include a bit of personal experience :

    I see a lot of people often ask "what is the best gaming mouse that I can buy", and it is really a difficult question because there is no best mouse, only the best mouse for you.

    One thing I strongly believe is that one very important factor in a mouse is it's weight. This is a common reason as to why wireless mice are looked down upon, despite their ease of use they simply weigh so much more. One mouse that comes into mind is the new Ultralight Pro from Finalmouse. While not being the best looking, it has a "honeycomb" shaped body with multiple holes in it to reduce it's weight as much as possible, bringing it to about 70 grams, making it very easy to move quickly and "control" flicks with it. Pairing it with a top of the line sensor and I honestly think it's the best mouse on the market right now. But I could never use it, and that's because of it's size.

    Being a very small girl, I kinda just naturally come with very small hands. This is where the where the F-U.P. really.. f ups for me :^) it's way too big. Sadly this makes me unable to use many of the better mice on the market, such as the G403, DeathAdder, and Rival 600. This really starts to limit my search, as there are not very small mice available.

    Narrowing it down to low weight, small mice, I start looking at the Logitech GPRO, a few Zowie mice such as the FK2, ZA, and ECA1, along with some lesser known companies such as Ninox. This is where shape really starts to play a big role. After trying these mice in hand, I found that the ZA had a very large "hump" that made it feel better for a palm grip, but as I have a weird "hybrid" grip that I would say is a mix between a fingertip and claw, I hated it. With this grip on the FK2, I found the mouse to be too "long" as the front of the mouse would often hit my palm during vertical movements, messing up my momentum and making me mess wildly. What really worked for me however, was the GPRO, with what seemed like a very "safe" shape, it didn't fit my hand exactly "naturally" at first but it did fit perfectly, and overtime has become my favorite mouse after considering many of these key points.

    Other things factor in too, such as build quality, having at least a decent sensor that is competitive with top of the line sensors like the 3360, and where macro buttons are placed / scrollwheel / mouse feet / etc. This is where the gpro fell short for me, it had a very thick and heavy cable in contrast to the light and amazing cable with Zowie. I found a fix in this by buying a Paracord cable and replacing it through a mod. I also put on new mouse feet as the stock ones sometimes feel like they could glide just a bit better, and that is how I found my perfect gaming mouse. :)
  2. Pairzilla
    Nice. Thanks for the info this will definitely help. Always looking for the right mouse .
  3. ceeloChamp
    Hey, thanks for all the info. I currently have a Razer Mamba and I kind of hate it. I currently use a kind of crappy Logitech wireless mouse, because I travel a lot and having a wireless mouse makes a huge difference to me. The only thing is I need to have a mouse that has that little USB sensor, not a wireless mouse with a charging stand.

    Do you know of any wireless mice recommendations that kind of fit what I described?

  4. jguest
    Thanks for the info.

    I recently picked up Logitech G203 Prodigy and I'm impressed how nice it is for the price.
  5. catscratch Contributor
    Another great small fingergrip mouse: the Roccat Kone Pure series of mice. The Military Edition was the one to get with the 3310 sensor, but right now they've updated it into the Pure Owl-Eye. Haven't tested that one yet. The weight should be under 90 grams, and the ergonomics are perfect if you use a grip where your thumb is on one side of the mouse and both your pinky and ring finger are on the other. The shape is a bit like a miniaturized MX518, but with deeper cutouts on either side. If you use a finger grip where only your pinky is on the right side of the mouse, it's not the best shape for that. Only real flaws are that the switches are hard-mounted and not replaceable without soldering, and the drivers are a bit buggy, because Roccat. Otherwise, a great mouse with the best ergonomics I've ever encountered for my type of grip.
  6. pbui44
    Hmmm...if anyone is interested in getting Roccat Kone Pure, Fry’s has a Roccat Kone Pure and Chroma Sense pad combo on clearance for $27.98 here:

    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  7. noper
    I can’t emphasize how important finding a mouse that fits your hand is. You could get some really bad cramps. For example, I used a Steelseries for a while and started getting wrist pain and pain in my fingers. It turns out I don’t have a finger or claw grip, I have a hybrid grip. Switching to a bigger, right-handed Razer DeathAdder was the best thing I did for my poor hand.
  8. Andrew LB
    Right now i'm using a Logitech G903 and while I very much like it, i'd kick it to the curb in a second if they'd release the upcoming G502 Hero in a Lightspeed wireless version.

    As for other brands, i've tried and wasted so much money on other companies products that i've simply given up looking elsewhere.
  9. Vilhelm
    @OP goods points there.

    Basically when I look for a new mouse I check 2 things: 1) How if fits my hand 2) technical specs & features
    The 2) is important because you should get a mouse designed for the type of things you do.

    For FPS games a simplistic mouse with a great sensor will do, for something like MMORPG you'll want something comfortable with extra buttons.

    I play CS:GO and for the past few years have been using Steelseries Rival Optical Mouse (the original one, it's great) - I also owned a Logitech G502 but imo it's not very good for shooters.
  10. littleemp
    The G403/703 is an excellent mouse for everything. It is lightweight and has a top of the line sensor, the ridiculously good wireless tech, and a shape that fits people with smaller and larger hands at the same time. I had a lot of objections to logitech's previous lineups, but they basically killed Razer and Steelseries for me with their newer offerings.

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