stepped potentiometer

  1. mac_max
    I have a DIY tube headphone amplifier with 4 PCL805 (RKV) and a 24-stage stepped potentiometer 50kΩ. The amp sounds absolutely great, no noise, no hum - but at step 4 (from left), he is almost too loud.
    Understanding question: Do I have to take a 20kΩ or a 100kΩ stepped potentiometer instead of the 50kΩ in order to have the same volume then at about step 8...
    thanks max
  2. Pars Contributor
    No. The resistance or impedance of the attenuator has no effect on the volume range. Think of a pot or attenuator as a voltage divider. The wiper or step position varies as you turn the knob, giving you more or less voltage ratio from the pot. The resistance for a pot or attenuator is chosen to match the input impedance of the amp and the output impedance of the source device.

    What you need to do is decrease the gain (usually a feedback scheme) on your amplifier. The amp has too much gain, hence the high volume at a low setting.

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