Stefan AudioArt Equinox Sennheiser cable repair help
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Nov 30, 2004
I've reached out to Stefan AudioArt a number of times by phone / the company's website for help in repairing one of their Equinox Sennheiser HD650 headphone cable replacements, but the company never calls back / replies. I'm wondering if any DIYers out there might be of help. I have an issue with the Equinox right channel working intermittently, it's seemingly a problem with the right Sennheiser plug connector (I can wiggle the wire near the connector and I get sound.) Suggestions are appreciated, thank you.
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Did you get this squared away? Double check with the stock cable, sometimes the little spring pins in the HD600/650 can get loose over the years and need a little tightening. If the stock cable works fine, the cable should be easy to repair, just have to replace the connector with a Cardas or Furutech, and might as well replace the other side to match.  

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