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Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by bloos, Jul 8, 2016.
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  1. themusiccat
    My ear sticks out about 2.2 cm and I'm fine with the L300 earcup space. Though in reality it's more a matter of tolerance - my ears definitely touch but I can stand that pressure, but some can't. Also it's worth noting that you can 'buff' out the earpads by placing thin strips (~2mm diameter) of foam in between the pad and the base to increase thickness very slightly. I have a single strip at the back of each earpad which adds about 1mm of thickness and it's fine for me.
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  2. trumpet19019
    Hi, I have a stax 3100 system. Because of the quality of the headband I anticipate it will break. Is the L700 headband assembly a noticeably higher quality? I was thinking of using a l700 assembly plus l700 pads.

    Do the l700 pads negatively affect the sound? 95% of what I listen to is classical if it matters.
  3. VRacer-111
    Yes, the L700 arc assembly feels of better quality plus doesn't squeeze your head like the L300 arc assembly, especially with thicker pads. Can't comment on sound of L700 pads on L300, but I very much like the sound of the L700 pads on my L300LE, which originally had L500 pads stock. Small improvement in bass and smoothness.
  4. BenF
    L700 pads on L300 reduce the transparency, but improve the bass response. Sounds warmer overall than L300, but not an warm as L700.
  5. buzzlulu
    I had no problem with the bass on my L300LE with the 353XBK.

    Now with the Carbon - even less complaints :)
  6. themusiccat
    How would you guys handle storing them for longer periods of time (1 month+)? I'm thinking of getting a monoprice hard case and cutting some breathing holes in each side for circulation.
  7. ahmedie
    buy official plastic bag for every day storing and store in original box for longer periods !
  8. themusiccat
    So for long periods I shouldn't have any issue with storing it in the box? I heard something about humidity building up if stored too long but I can't remember where I got that...
  9. Doom0
    You can put some desiccant/dehumidifier like silica gel into the (airtight) box to ensure that it won't get humid in there.
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  10. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    On any long periods I too put it in the original box. If you want something with easier access getting the hard-shell case would be cool as well. That would make it easier to carry around and bring with you as well and looks nicer!. Just make sure if you are putting it in something like that you use silica gel as stated by @Doom0. Humidity is a bigger killer than dust considering the modern STAX have exceptional dust shields.
  11. themusiccat
    Ok thanks, so no need for gel if in the original box?
  12. Doom0
    Original box with the foil that covers headphones seems almost airtight. If you are in humid environment and you put headphones into that box, you basically trap humidity together with headphones. Putting silica gel in the original box will be more safe option. At least I think so - If I'm wrong, somebody correct me please.
  13. Pahani
    I'm not an expert, but I would assume this would be correct too.

    If I remember, you may have better luck finding them by searching for "Dessicant".
  14. themusiccat
    Okay thanks. It's dry as heck here. Humidity here is almost always under 40% (22% right now) but I'll throw a gel in the bag to be safe, though I won't be able to desaturate it while I'm gone. Should be fine.
  15. darksmile
    Still pretty new to this area... Currently using Sennheiser HD598 & HD6XX with Massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/Amp. I have heard many good things about Stax, in particular for female vocals compared to HD6XX. Would Stax SRS-3100 system be a good investment for this purpose? Thanks!
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