Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by bloos, Jul 8, 2016.
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  1. Bloos
    Since I haven't seen a thread for these. I thought I would start us off. So what are your guys' impressions? :)
  2. DigitalCitizen
    I'd love to see some more people talking about these. :p
  3. ToroFiestaSol
    I'm very interested on how it sounds compared to the SR-207.
    I could hear SR-507 and SR-207 and the 207 was the winner for me, I found the 507 bright and the 207 even and balanced, if the L300 is an improvement over the 207 and retains the even and balanced sound signature, I'll buy one asap.
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  4. cleandean
    I have these.  Not sure what to say about them.  They sound good.  I did do a non-permanent mod on the earpads, which improved comfort and really changed the sound to me.  Have no other Stax to compare them to though.
  5. DigitalCitizen
    @cleandean Did you change the pads to the 507's pads, and did the mod chance the sound for the better?
  6. Bloos
    @cleandean im curious too, what's this non permanent mod you speak of?
  7. cleandean

    I basically glue the earpads to my head and just place the headphones on.

    No seriously, you will laugh. I just pop off the factory earpads and let the clamping force hold the zmf earpads in place on my head. The zmf earpads are so thick compared to the factory ones that I feel like I'm straining the plastic headband a bit. Once on, it's a tight fit but not uncomfortable since pads are so soft and cushiony.

    I think if I'm going to commit to it, I'll pull the factory earpads off of the plastic backing and glue the zmf earpads on the plastic backing. I'll put up pics if anyone is interested.

    I haven't tried that. I haven't seen much info on whether those pads are interchangeable with the L300 so didn't want to spend the extra if it didn't work out.
  8. cleandean

    Actually looks like someone did try 507 pads on the 300.
    Sounds like it wasn't completely seamless, needed some glueing.
  9. DigitalCitizen
    I'm currently looking to buy the 3100 system, but i've just spotted SR-207s for 250 euros. This would be around 200 euros off of the regular new price. Is this a good alternative to buying the new system?
    Edit: the entry level amp is apparently not as easy to get cheap as i thought. i'd probably be saving around 150 euros compared to buying the 3100 system new.
  10. Nisbeth
    Can I ask where?
  11. DigitalCitizen 
    I'm probably not gonna buy it myself.
  12. Nisbeth
    Ahh, thanks. Thought some dealer was clearing out their last inventory of the old models at that price [​IMG]
  13. Mach3
    How do these compare with the 007, 007 MKII & 009?
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  14. Mach3
    I've just got my L300. It is a clear improvement over the stock 207. Deeper and more impactful bass response, airer clarity and wider soundstage.
    Compared to my modded 207 with 3D printed adaptor and ZMF lambskin earpads. It still offer airer clarity and wider soundstage.
    But the modded 207 had better bass response and the gap of the soundstage are much closer. I'm planning on getting/design 3D adapter for the L300 so I can fit the ZMF lambskin earpads.
    As the stock pad are so thin my ear is touching the ear speaker.
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  15. cleandean

    The pads now snap off right? I'm thinking there is a clean way to use the snapping plastic part. Please post anything you find regarding that. I could use the help myself!
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