Stax: SR 002 + Srm 002 and Srm 003 mk2 + Srm 003 impression and appreciation thread
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I auditioned the 003 in Hong Kong directly after auditioning the 009, amazingly they still sounded great even with the harsh muti-thousand discrepancy in the comparison.
Incredible sound stage for an in ear and actually thought they might be easier to live with than the 009 due to their more natural frequency response.
Was really close to pulling the trigger but had second thoughts. Glad I did now that a new version is coming out, and will be interested to hear how the new portable amp fares in comparison to the old model.
Re. the conversation about making them closed, portable stats - well there's the challenge isn't it? The portable set give you the tools to make a portable closed electrostatic, while I expect you'd have to transplant them into a more roomy enclosure (like a set of on ear headphones say) with a decent damping scheme, I don't doubt that one of the talented modders on this forum could solve that puzzle. 
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Just put an order in today w/ Stax for the portable system, home system, and just the phones.  They will be in stock at HeadAmp in november.

Are you going to be selling Stax now?  I didn't know you sold Stax gear.
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$650 for the portable setup? Damn my thin wallet...I might still have to settle for a second-hand S-001/Mk2 if I want a portable Stax fix.
Also, now that I think about it, how will warranties be handled? Yama's/STAX USA?

same. ill get one next year when prices go down abit... buying the SR002 is better IMO since it has a warranty unlike the SR001 in case something goes wrong.
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What's the point of getting this iem if it is open? Wouldn't that render it completely useless for on the go purposes?

my JH16's are my IEM of choice, but I mostly use them at home.  I use them maybe 3 times a year on an airplane, for that purpose the Stax wouldnt be good.  But at home I use them out of convenience, when moving around or when I don't want a 2lb headphone on my head.  For this the noise isolation isn't needed, and can sometimes be an inconvenience -- if I need to hear the phone ring, or waiting for someone to knock on the door, etc
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Read the review regarding the SR-001 and am now very interested in these.
Had a positive experience with STAX and would be very curious to see how their new earphones sound.
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I posted copy email from stax Japan as follow :

It is little hard for me to tell you difference between Drivers on the meaning of sound quality.
However, I personally think that the pairing of SR-002 & SRM-002 is better than SR-002 with old SRM-001.
Film (membrance) thickness of sound element for SR-002 is 15% thiner than old one and its
high frequency area operated by new driver brings us more clear sound than old one.

Stax Sr 002 and Srm 002 are top the line for pre order In our Stax Distributor ,
Inbetween less than 3 days Already 8 people pre order This stax portable System Sr 002 and Srm 002

I have heard my Friend Sr 001 mk2 and Srm 001 , Sound Quality so fantastis in Term OF transparancy,
Detail and clarity . SQ is more and less like My stax Sr 007 mk 2 In portable use .
These stax portable set Up are very good For audiophile , jazz and classical music.
I Hope the drive improvement In Sr 002 and improvement in Sr 002 can make the Sound Quality
More detail and open like My stax 009.
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I like to enter the STAX world but have no clue which one is a good entry:Sr 003 mk 2 + Srm 252 S vsSr 002 + Srm 002
Which one would make a good entry? I like to use this strictly for home purposes so portability will not matter. Thanks in advance. 

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